PRG Netherlands sets summer with Concert at Sea

31/07/2016 Production

PRG Netherlands started this summer with a challenging production. During the first weekend of July thousands of visitors enjoyed good music at Concert at Sea in Zeeland, on the Brouwersdam. Amongst others Faithless, Bløf and Skunk Anansie gave the best of themselves on the Zeeland stage. PRG Netherlands was in charge of the lighting, sound and video equipment for the three stages.

The artists on stage Zealand were treated to an excellent light show. Our lighting crew ensured a production that included the following impressive equipment list: 12 x PRG Bad Boys 12 x Vari * Lite 3500 Washes, 36 Robe MMX, 64 Robe Pointe, 24 Robe 800 Ledwash, 16 x ClayPacky Stormy cc, 16 x SGMs p5, 12 Spectral LEDPARs M800, 1x Biglite, 20 x 12-Lite Blinders, 24 x 2-Lite Blinders and 12x 1-Lite Blinders. On and off the stage, we installed a total of 5 Pixled F30 screens of 4m x 6m on a trolly PRG-Beam system, of an approximate length of 48m. Two MC-7 and two side screens Delay screens completed the picture. All of the screens were controlled by a GMA2. The Umoja stage had a slightly smaller production, with 17 x Clay Paky's Mythos, 11 x Robe 800 and 4 x Martin Atomic Colors and lighting features. Adamson speakers operated on the three stages as well as subwoofers, plus a PRG S318 Fly & stacks on the Main Stage and some PRG EMF on the Beach stage.

All credits go to our crew on-site, who have managed a great performance. This production was the perfect kick-off for the summer season. Special thanks to Peter Daane, Production Manager, Sebastiaan ten Broeck & Bert Ploegh (system), Serge Patist and William van Rumpt (Operators), Peter Daane & Patrick Framer (Design) and Huijskes Fotografie (for the pictures).



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