World Expo 2017: PRG Netherlands supports the Holland Pavilion in Kazachstan


The World Expo opened its doors in Astana, Kazachstan, on June 10th. This years’ Expo represents the ‘Energy of the future’ and is still open for visits until September 10th.

PRG Netherlands, commissioned by general contractor Hypsos, supports the Holland Pavilion with audiovisual technology, which titles “Low Land, High Energy” and presents its’ typical Dutch mindset that motivates the country to continuously search for innovative and sustainable solutions. Topics like climate change, reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and power generation are being discussed.

Hypsos is in charge of the concept, design and construction. Hypsos Netherlands worked with PRG in order to create the right look, aligned with the innovative theme of the Holland Pavilion.

PRG supports the set up with general lighting, show lighting, audio and video hardware for the whole pavilion and the main show which features an innovative eye-catching 3D holographic projection to create an immersive experience. 


In order to ensure a flawless show in Astana, Hypsos and PRG first tested the set up in Utrecht, which, allowed the sponsor, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Office for Dutch entrepreneurs, to see how the show is developed and check the content on a large screen.

Mark van der Werff, PRG Project Manager, explains: “The 3D holographic projection was a great success and we are proud of the client’s positive feedback. Our client had requested for the system to operate completely independently, without any intervention of operators or technicians, and to offer a variety of options in terms of content.This project has been successfully realized thanks to the expertise of Hypsos, who also perfectly mastered the logistics from Holland to Astana.”

Heide Agne, Director Strategy at Hypsos, quotes: “PRG is a very professional partner who, during the whole project, has proven its’ know-how and creativity in a very flexible and problem solving method of work.”

PRG chose to work with Panasonic laser projectors because of their flexibility and little needs in maintenance. The combination of Watchout and Watchnet, both from the manufacturer Dataton, together with an Lighting GrandMA2 control the entire show. The whole system is being monitored constantly in Utrecht thanks to a broadband internet connection.

Eric Beekmans, Project Manager at Hypsos, concludes: “Working with local companies is always a challenge in countries like Kazachstan and of course, there is the language problem. The PRG crew handled this perfectly and was responsible for a flawless execution, despite some little setbacks. The 1:1 test set up of the holographic projection realized by PRG was crucial for the success of the show.”

PRG is happy that Hypsos relies on our expertise, resulting in this successful partnership. Thanks to the flexible and professional mindset of Hypsos, this project has been executed very smoothly.

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