Music Group Key Contacts

The PRG Music Group team consists of industry veterans that have decades of real world experience on the road with live music production anywhere around the globe. Here are some of the key contacts in the PRG Music Group. Please feel free to reach out to them for your live music production needs, including lighting, audio, video, scenic, rigging and automation, or staffing.

  • Randy Hutson
  • Sharon Adrianson
  • Bobby Allen
  • Norah Blumberg
  • Jennifer Christiansen
  • Gary Connelly
  • Julian Edwards
  • Curry Grant
  • Jason Hennion
  • Nicholas Jackson
  • Eamonn McCullagh
  • Jon Morrell
  • Mark O Herlihy
  • Russell Wingfield
  • John Wiseman

Randy Hutson

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Entertainment West

Randy Hutson is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Entertainment West.

Randy came to PRG from Dallas-based Hutson Sound Design, where he provided sound design and engineering services to major corporate clients for 11 years.

An audio professional of long standing, Randy toured with James Taylor for 15 years, and his name appears as sound engineer on a number of Taylor’s CDs. He also has worked with a long list of other high-profile entertainers and events, including Prince, Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, the American Music Awards, Live Aid and Farm Aid.

Sharon Adrianson

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Bobby Allen

Vice President of Global Accounts, Global Entertainment Group

Robert "Bobby" Allen has had an extensive career that has covered many aspects of the live event/live entertainment world. He started his career at an early age, starting out as a rigger and carpenter at the New York Metropolitan Opera. 

From there, Bobby worked the circuit of theatres and stages of New York City and honed specialized skills working on television shows like Saturday Night Live, All My Children, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and ABC and NBC News shows, all the while still working performances and theatres like New York City Center Theatre's dance companies including Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, and Paul Taylor and Broadway shows including Lion King, Aida, and Phantom of the Opera.

The next rung on the career ladder landed Bobby at the mecca of live entertainment, Madison Square Garden. He started there in 1994, and worked regularly at MSG until 2009, making lasting friendships and many relationships that stand to this day. During his tenure in NYC, Bobby became a member of IATSE Local One and still holds his card to this day.

In 1995, Bobby took his first touring position with Luther Vandross as Head Rigger. This experience inspired him to open two of his own companies, RDA Entertainment Rigging Inc. and JAX Logistics Inc. In a very short time, Bobby moved up and assumed the roles of Staging Supervisor and Production Manager on international record-setting tours featuring artists like Andrea Bocelli, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Usher, Maroon 5, Beck, and many more. 

In the past 10 years, Bobby has successfully transitioned between the worlds of touring, live events, festivals, sporting events, multi-act and multi-camera variety television shows, promotional marketing, large scale corporate activations and has even stepped into the political arena, as Staging Supervisor of Barack Obama’s Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech in Denver.

Bobby joined PRG in June of 2011 as an Account Executive for the concert touring division, and now operates out of the PRG San Fernando, CA office.

In his spare time, Bobby enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and four children; cooking for friends and family using his secret BBQ recipes; a round of golf; or a refreshing hike in the Agoura foothills. Bobby is a trusted and seasoned entertainment professional.

Norah Blumberg

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Jennifer Christiansen

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Gary Connelly

Account Executive, PRG Music Group

Julian Edwards

Account Executive, PRG Music Group

Julian trained in Technical Theatre Arts and Management at the Centre for the Performing Arts in the West Midlands, UK. After graduation in 1989, he worked on many productions at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicestershire, UK and in London’s West End.

In 1993, he took a position as an Electrician at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. His next employment was Lighting Operator for the tour of the West End production of Return to the Forbidden Planet. Consequently, Julian found himself bitten by the touring bug and he left commercial theatre in 1996 to work for Light and Sound Design (LSD) as an ICON Technician. Julian began touring the world with many of LSD’s clients, including Bon Jovi and Tina Turner. Julian was also the touring Lighting Director for Bryan Adams.

Julian joined PRG in February 2007 as an Account Executive for the concert touring division, based in the Los Angeles office.

Julian and his wife, Sae, have two sons, George and Aubrey.

Curry Grant

Vice President, PRG Nocturne

Based out of PRG in Los Angeles, Curry Grant develops lighting solutions for concert tours, music videos, corporate events, and television & film productions.

Curry began his career in 1974 working as a Lighting Technician for Wild West Productions in Houston. During the latter half of the 1970s and much of the 1980s, Curry worked as a freelance Lighting Designer for such well known acts as Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, and Hall & Oates. He also helped Marty Callner, the esteemed music video producer, create some of the world’s first long-form music videos. Curry’s lighting designs can be seen on MTV videos produced for many different performers, including Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Stevie Nicks, and Chaka Khan.

Since joining Vari*Lite in 1988, Curry had the opportunity to support some of the industry’s best known lighting designers, including Steve Cohen, Paul Guthrie, Bryan Leitch, Peter Morse, and Simon Miles.  Before answering the call of the road, Curry completed over four years of studies at the University of Houston.

He has been nominated for numerous VPA Monitor lighting awards, including Best Lighting Director, and in 2014 received a Primetime Emmy Award for his support to “Dancing With the Stars.”

Curry joined PRG in 2004 as a result of the merger between PRG and Vari*Lite Production Services (VLPS).

Jason Hennion

Asset Manager, PRG Nocturne

Jason Hennion is part of the asset management team at PRG Nocturne - Los Angeles. He supports sales, operations, and warehouse personnel with order creation, transfer of equipment, and packaging of events.

Jason began his career working for Light & Sound Design in 1997 as an electronic technician where he sharpened his skills in control and automated control systems. In 2006, he returned to school to further his knowledge of computers and networking technologies. After running his own networking support company, Network Extreme, he returned to the entertainment industry as a show control technician for Creative Technologies Inc. With his strong knowledge of equipment, he began working for Chaos Visual Productions in 2010 as asset manager and IT director.

Jason enjoys bicycle riding and tinkering with remote control helicopters in his spare time.

Nicholas Jackson

Senior Vice President, PRG Music Group

Nick Jackson started his storied career in Birmingham, UK, as co-founder of the legendary production rental house Light and Sound Design (LSD). He was instrumental in the company's growth from the late 70’s to early 90’s. In this time, LSD became the premier concert touring company with a focus on lighting systems and lighting innovations including the first aluminum PAR cans, a proprietary color mixing system, and eventually, the ground breaking ICON automated system, and the Medusa and M Box products.

Nick spent his early years in the business building the LSD brand in locations that included Birmingham and London in the UK, as well as Nashville and Los Angeles in the United States. LSD was purchased by Production Resource Group in 1998 where Nick remained in charge of Concert Touring and special projects for another ten years.

Nick joined Chaos Visual Productions in January 2009, as Chief Operating Officer and partner. After a solid five years of building up the video rental powerhouse, Nick returned to PRG with the formation of the new Music Group.

Eamonn McCullagh

Director of Operations, PRG Music Group

Eamonn’s interest in live events started during his early years in Toronto Canada, where he studied Technical Theatre at Humber College and began working in the industry. He worked his way from the local Driver for Westsun Lighting to become a touring Lighting Technician, touring with bands like Oasis, Bryan Adams, and Jay Z. Eamonn joined PRG full time to focus more on the production side of the industry in the Toronto location. He started as Staffing Coordinator and held the position of Project Coordinator for PRG Services before being moved up to Project Manager for Concert Touring.

Eamonn has recently been promoted into the role Director of Operations for the newly created Music Group. He spends his time in both the Las Vegas and Los Angeles locations working closely with the Account Managers.

During his free time, Eamonn enjoys being with his wife Sarah and their two beautiful daughters, usually at a softball diamond cheering them on.

Jon Morrell

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Mark O Herlihy

Vice President, Entertainment West

Russell Wingfield

Production Coordinator, PRG Music Group

Russell, a former NAVY member, began his career in the entertainment industry in 1997. He worked at the OBIE company as a shop assistant, repairing gear and assisting in the prep of tours. From 2002 – 2006 he worked at Stagetech, 4th phase, Lights West as an LD for a small band called KMFDM. From 2006-2009 he worked for XL Video touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers/TSO and Keith Urban. When Chaos Visual was born, Russell came on board and focused on touring, serving as Crew Chief for major touring acts. In 2014, when PRG merged with Nocturne, Russell ended his year of touring and opted for a stationary job as a Project Manager and Rentals manager.

In his spare time, Russell enjoys staying active with scuba diving, biking, swimming, running, and shooting.

John Wiseman

Senior Vice President, PRG Music Group

John began his career in live event production in 1979 as the Concert chairman at California State University, Sacramento. He also managed local bands in the area and owned a small production company. RCA Records signed Steel Breeze to a recording contract with John as their manager and executive producer of the self-titled debut album which launched two top 10 singles. This was the big break that opened the door to the concert touring industry for John as Steel Breeze supported national tours for Kansas, Hall & Oates, and The Who.

When the band broke up in 1985, John began renting sound and lighting gear to local and national shows. During this time, John was drawn to the technology sector of the production world and joined Vari-Lite as Vice President. John stayed in the manufacturing and sales of automated lighting and control products. He helped usher in Coemar automated lighting products to the US. In 1996, he joined High End Systems and Flying Pig Systems as executive vice president, running their worldwide sales force and was also a member of their Board of Directors until 2006.

During this time, John saw lighting and video merge becoming one. He was instrumental in launching Catalyst, the first computer based media server and a forerunner of many to come. Although it was a valuable learning experience, the manufacturing and sales end of the business was not on the front lines of delivering the actual shows. John began to look for an avenue back to where he began his career.

This passion brought John to XL Touring Video in Los Angeles. After four years of unprecedented success there, he felt the need to create his own team and Chaos Visual Productions was conceived in December of 2008. Chaos was acquired by PRG in January 2015 becoming a part of PRG Nocturne.

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