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As the longest running industry production sponsor of the Producer's Guild of America, Production Resource Group has been a valued member resource for the producing teams in Film, Television, and New Media. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the production industry or just starting your career path to become a producer, PRG is your partner in innovative technological solutions for your show production.

From inception to completion, PRG has the strength, resources, creativity, and experience that will revolutionize your ideas into stunning, noteworthy productions. You bring us your creative and technical vision and we can offer you a range of solutions that will allow you to execute a flawless production. 

The PRG and PGA partnership provides PGA members with a direct resource to our knowledgable production professionals. Our veteran experts in the production industry are just a call or email away. For further inquiries please email, or call Brian Edwards at (818) 252-2600.

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