Try the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly for free!

You've heard the buzz! You may have even seen a demo with the crowds at LDI and USITT.

But how do you get to try the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly for your venue...on your own...for free?

You take part in the PRG RH+A ReNEW Take & Try DIY Demo Program.

This unique program lets you request a ReNEW unit to be sent directly to you for a two week DIY demo period. This allows you and your colleagues to work with and try out the ReNEW in your venue. Get a feel for the ReNEW’s ease of use, the cost savings, efficiency of the unit, and all of the features and benefits of the ReNEW. See the output and understand why we say don't replace your Source Four inventory but ReNEW it.

The ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly is an LED light engine designed to work with the lens tube and shutter assembly of the Electronic Theatre Control (ETC) Source Four® ellipsoidal. The lens and reflector of the ReNEW are designed to provide optimal illuminance distribution through the Source Four lens system. The unit works with all ETC lens tubes—both standard and Enhanced Definition Lens Tubes (EDLT) and all Source Four accessories. Two fixed color temperatures are available—ReNEW Tungsten with a 3,000K color temperature; and ReNEW Daylight with a 5,700K color temperature.

To get your ReNEW DIY demo unit scheduled just click on the link below.

Along with the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly, we will send you a DIY demo kit with a gobo and a step by step shoot-out guide. After the trial period, you can return the unit (using the included call tag) or buy it from directly from your local dealer.

Don't replace your Source Four, ReNEW it!

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