PRG Paskal

Motion Picture Lighting, Grip and Expendables Coast to Coast

PRG Paskal Lighting has been proudly providing state-of-the-art motion picture lighting and grip equipment, expendables, and location production vehicles for feature films, television, and commercial production for over 25 years. Our seasoned staff of professionals, extensive inventory of equipment, and large fleet of production vehicles are ready to accommodate any size production from major motion pictures to small independent projects.

At Paskal we know that our industry is not based in a single city or even a single part of the country so we provide the highest quality of customer service and production support from our four locations spaced around the US. We have full-service locations in Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA,  New Orleans, LA, leaves us ready, willing and able to service production projects anywhere in the United States.

Congratulations AirWall on the Technical Academy Award
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