PRG Paskal Los Angeles Staff

What makes the PRG Paskal staff and crew members different from other Motion Picture Lighting and Grip Equipment houses? One word… Experience. While staff members at other equipment companies may seem like a constant revolving door, at PRG Paskal you will find the same team of friendly down to earth professionals year after year. People that you can rely on not only to fulfill your production needs but more so as partners and friends focused on the same goal; to provide outstanding equipment and service no matter how challenging your project may be. Whatever your location, rest assure that PRG Paskal has offices nearby to serve your needs.

Evan Green, President, North America Film Lighting, Staff Member

Evan Green

President, North America Film Lighting, PRG Paskal

Evan Green serves as President of Paskal Lighting and oversees all Film Lighting operations throughout the United States. He founded Paskal Lighting in 1988 and has run the company for more than 27 years. In February 2012, he joined the PRG family of companies. Evan’s background and family have a long history in the production and post production side of the film industry that goes back 50 years. Prior to founding Paskal Lighting, Evan opened and oversaw the west coast office for Lee Lighting International and operated the facility for 3 years. He started his career opening the west coast office for Cine 60 Inc., a portable power company originally based in New York.

David Miranda_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

David Miranda

Operations Manager

David Miranda graduated from The Rochester Institute of Technology in New York with a bachelor’s degree in Photographic Arts & Sciences and Film/Video Production. He relocated to California in 1988 and worked as a freelance set electrician and grip on commercials, feature films, and music videos before joining Paskal Lighting in the 1989. He has been employed with the company for 25 years and during his tenure advanced to Warehouse Manager, Rental Agent coordinating multi-million dollars feature projects, Rental Manager, and eventually Operations Manager.

David has had a key role in the design and implementation of procedures, policies, training, and cost control. He also oversees most HR functions for all personnel including position staffing needs for all locations. With his broad knowledge base, he has successfully negotiated multiple labor contracts to date with California based IATSE Local 80, and Teamster Local 399.

Tony Blue_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

Tony Blue

Rental Agent

Tony Blue began his film industry career in the Rental Department at Mole Richardson, a core motion picture lighting manufacturer, in 1994. In 1996, he joined on at Paskal Lighting as a Warehouseman and Driver and was eventually promoted to Warehouse Manager in 1998. He served in his role as Warehouse Manager and CDL driver until 2000 when he was promoted to Rental Agent. During his 15 year tenure as a Rental Agent, Tony has coordinated lighting and grip equipment packages for countless Commercials, Music videos, Television series, as well for as some of largest feature film projects in the business. As a veteran coordinator, Toni’s extensive experience includes relationships with some of the most prominent motion picture lighting and grip professionals in the industry. Tony’s resume of most recent Television and Feature film projects includes “Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice”(2016) the largest scale feature film project Paskal has ever done to date, as well numerous other projects such as “Gone Girl”, “Hitchcock”, HBO’s “The Newsroom”, “The Finest Hours” (2015), “Saving Mr. Banks”, “Teen Wolf” (TV) , “The Equalizer”, “Low Winter Sun”, and “Bunheads” (TV).

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Oscar Chavez

Accounts Payable, PRG Paskal Los Angeles

Raimond Manzon_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

Raimond Manzo

Warehouse Manager

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Lisa Lucero


Christopher Nadal_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

Christopher Nadal

Rental Manager

Based in the Los Angeles office, Christopher Nadal joined Paskal Lighting in 1996 and has been employed with the company for 18+ years. During his tenure, he held the position of Warehouse Manager for several years, then was promoted to Rental Agent, and eventually Rental Manager.

Chris has worked as Rental Agent on many of PRG Paskal's local and out-of-state large scale feature film projects such as “Van Helsing” and “GI Joe” (Los Angeles), “Apocalypto” (Veracruz Mexico), “Life of Pie” (Taichung, Taipei), and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (New Orleans). Chris currently continues to serve as Rental Agent coordinating major feature film projects while overseeing the work of all rental agents for all PRG Paskal divisions, and has played an integral role in the design and implementation of rental procedures, warehouse department operation, as well as inventory and cost control for all divisions.

Richard Pilla_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

Richard Pilla

Sales Manager

Richard began his career in the film industry as General Manager for Filmlites, Ltd., a small size lighting and grip equipment provider in Burbank, CA, in the spring of 1997. In 1998, he was asked to join a mid-sized company, TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals, as Marketing Manager. In February of 1999, Richard was offered the position of Director of Sales at Hollywood Rental, Inc., a larger-scale lighting and grip equipment company. His duties there were to generate commercial, television and feature business. He served in that position until 2004 when he was offered the Director of Sales position with William F. White, a Canadian-based company opening a new location in Los Angeles. Richard returned to TM Equipment Rentals, and for the next three years served as Vice President of Sales. In July of 2007, Richard joined Paskal Lighting as Sales Manager and currently serves in that role. He is responsible for generating and overseeing business development and client support of production companies, producers, production managers, directors of photography, gaffers, and grips in the commercial, television and feature film industry on a nationwide level.

When not at work, Richard enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and is an avid fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Renso Portocarrera_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

Renso Portocarrero

IT Operations

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Carlos Rebollero

Rental Agent


Ron Reid_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

Ron Reid

Rental Agent

Ron Reid joined Paskal Lighting in 1990 and served as Warehouseman and Driver until he was promoted to Rental Agent in 1996. During his 20+ year tenure as a Rental Agent, Ron has coordinated lighting and grip equipment packages for countless commercials, music videos, television series, as well for as some of largest feature film projects in the business. As a veteran coordinator, Ron’s extensive experience includes client relationships with some of the most prominent motion picture lighting and grip professionals in the industry. Ron’s resume of feature film coordinating including Steven Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You Can”, “War Of The Worlds”, “Lincoln”, Quentin Tarantino’s “D’jango Unchained”, “Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2”, “Inglorious Bastards” as well as “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “The Kite Runner”, “Hugo”, and too many others to list.

When not at work, Ron is an avid competitive softball player, and enjoys backpacking, camping, and photography.

Kristie Shanahan_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

Kristie Shanahan

Billing Manager

Kristie began her career in the film industry at Sequoia Illuminations in 1989 and was promoted up to Branch Manager within 3 years. In 1994, she joined on at Hollywood Rentals and served as a Rental Agent and eventually was promoted to Feature Marketing. In 1999, Kristie joined the Paskal team and played an integral role in the design and implementation of expendable sales procedures, purchasing, billing, as well as variety of specialty ad hoc projects for the company. Kristie’s wealth of knowledge and experience on a variety of levels has played a key role in the management of expendable sales, invoicing, and related accounting functions. As Billing Manager, Kristie oversees invoicing for all multi-state PRG Paskal locations across the country.

John Smith_Paskal Los Angeles Staff

John Smith

Service Manager

John Smith graduated from The College of Technology in Dublin, Ireland in 1982 with a degree in Electrical Installation Theory & Practices and a minor in Engineering Principals. He worked as an Electrical Contractor until 1989 when he relocated to the United States. From 1990 to 1996, John was a licensed contractor who worked on commercial and residential properties. In 1996, he joined Paskal Lighting as the Building Service Manager and was responsible for the repairs and maintenance of equipment and the facility. In 1997, he took on the responsibilities of Fleet Manager and oversaw the servicing, maintenance, and repairs of all company vehicles, as well as compliance with D.O.T and C.H.P. and A.R.B. regulations.

In 1999, John designed and oversaw the manufacturing of a full line of ETL approved power distribution boxes built for the company. John currently oversees the Service Department, all Manufacturing and is also the purchaser of all new equipment, parts, and shop supplies. He is a highly skilled electrician, contractor and a certified forklift trainer.

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