Автоматика сцены

Сценическая автоматизация - это "Шоу-бизнес" такелажа. За исключением стандартного оборудования, которое мы вам показываем на этой странице, все остальные элементы автоматизации - такие, как приводы для декоративных элементов - индивидуально построены под задачу заказчика. Поэтому мы показываем здесь только несколько продуктов, чтобы дать вам общее представление о возможностях.

  • Revolving tables
  • Lifting platforms
  • Cable winches
  • Chain hoists SIL 3
  • Performer flying
  • Track systems
  • Drop systems
  • Roller screens

Revolving tables

Revolving stages or rotating tables allow for rotating part of a stage or the entire stage. This always creates a special effect that is often used at tradeshows, concerts and other events, and in theater, video and TV productions. Some systems involve using modules anywhere from one to thirty meters in diameter. Depending on the design, the systems have a loadbearing capacity of up to several hundred tons. Talk to our experts –based on our many years of experience, we will realize your ideas and wishes in-house or with external specialists. 

Lifting platforms

Lifting platforms offer the option of creating different stage levels for a show, and changing them during the show. Depending on the design, they also allow an artist to suddenly appear on stage or an entire wing to appear or disappear. The possibilities are almost limitless. Depending on the design, the systems have a loadbearing capacity of up to several hundred tons and can be combined with other effects, such as a revolving stage. 

Cable winches

Cable winches are particularly suitable when movements need to be carried out quietly. Chain hoists are already relatively loud due to the movement of the chain. Variable speeds and very quick movements are also much easier to realize with cables. Their disadvantages are the usually heavy weight of the winches, and the high cost of these systems. Therefore, winches are more likely to be found in fixed installations than at temporary events. 

The winches we use are specifically built for portable use and are very suitable for fast, quiet motion. 

Chain hoists SIL 3

Unlike chain hoists that are used only for assembly and dismantling, engines that move loads or people during rehearsals or events must be in compliance with SIL 3. The requirements for this are defined in safety standard EN 61508, as well as the international standard IEC 61508, which specifies four Safety Integrity Levels (SIL), with SIL4 being the highest and SIL1 the lowest. 

Of course these regulations don’t just apply for chain hoists. The high-precision engines we use comply with SIL 3 and are equipped with redundant safety systems to ensure safe use. These include two independent brakes, emergency stop, automatic shutdown of overheated or overloaded equipment, as well as the monitoring of critical movements. 

Performer flying

Performer flying is usually realized using special winches and elaborate controls and safety systems. As there are companies that deal specifically with every style of performer flying, we have decided to perform this type of work with the appropriate specialists.

Track systems

Track systems can be mounted on the floor or in a trussing system. They provide a precise path for the objects to be moved to travel along. The possibilities and requirements are varied, from mobile LED screens and curtains to other elements that are to change their position during a show. Depending on the system, the possibilities are almost limitless in this area as well. Track systems are a good choice when there are heavy loads to be moved or when the route they are to be moved along must be very precisely adhered to. 

Drop systems

With curtain release systems, often referred to as Kabuki systems, you can drop a curtain, screen, banner or other light decorative element in at a specific time during the show, changing the audience’s view of the stage or of previously hidden parts of the event location in seconds. Using a special mounting, in which karabiners, cable ties, elastic straps, shackles, etc., hold up the curtain, at the desired time the release mechanism is triggered by remote control, and the suspended object falls to the ground.

Roller screens

Roller screens offer a wide variety of applications. They can be used to create variable projection surfaces, which can be used for a wide range effects as well as to partition off entire sections of a venue. Translucent films and fabrics can be used to create countless variations in the room or stage design. For example, different materials can be used to create stage sets with several variable levels. 

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