Наш сервис для организаторов танцевальных событий

Для организаторов танцевальных событий мы предлагаем широкий спектр услуг начиная от разработки концепта до оснащения техническим оборудованием, включая управление услугами третьих лиц. По желанию заказчика мы организуем контакты с менеджментом артистов или других организаторов танцевальных мероприятий.

  • Set design
  • Video design
  • Lighting design
  • Sound design
  • Медийный контент
  • Визуализация
  • Пре-программирование
  • Set building and decoration
  • Rigging
  • Stage automation
  • Lighting
  • Video technology
  • Audio technology
  • IT & Communication
  • Special effects
  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Power
  • Scaffolding
  • Machinery
  • Security
  • Approvals / Permits and structural reports
  • Insurance
  • Video production and publishing

Set design

We develop various suggestions for your set and stage design – with our own or third-party set designers as needed.

In the beginning there is usually just an idea and a rough sketch. This is then further developed on a computer in the form of CAD drawings and visualizations into the necessary blueprints and production/assembly documents.

Every set design involves designing a backdrop that creates the desired atmosphere, to optimally support the meaning or message of your event. The inclusion of technical elements such as LED screens and decorative lighting is a given.

Our experienced set designers take all applicable national and international regulations into account in their designs, so you can count on not having any unpleasant surprises, even with international productions. 

Video design

In addition to planning the technology, our video designers also create graphical content for all screens, projections and LED displays.

Using state-of-the-art video and media technology means the possibilities are almost endless. However, this requires precise planning of the technology and content used. The more complex the possibilities, the more precisely the content and technology should be coordinated. On-site conditions such as the ambient light also have a significant impact on the video design and the technology used, and therefore influence the design.

What content, in which format and what resolution already exist or need to be produced are further questions that need to be considered in designing the video for the event, along with what medium they are stored on or from which server they will be fed.

Their integration in the stage or backdrop is also an essential part of the design in complex productions. Not only static, but also moving or morphing picture elements are increasingly being used. Video surfaces are no longer bound by typical 4:3 or 16:9 formats. 

Lighting design

You have the choice: We can create lighting designs in collaboration with renowned freelance designers, or use our own in-house experts.

Lighting is an essential part of any event. The look that results from the interior design and lighting is meant to create an atmosphere and set highlights at the right moment.

Therefore, the designer must understand exactly what objectives the customer is pursuing and create their lighting design based on that.

To give the customer an impression of their ideas, mood lighting and looks can be visualized and animated using software. As part of pre-production, the designer can then program planned lighting moods prior to the event, thereby saving a lot of time at the event location. 

Sound design

Sound design as we understand it means taking into account the physical circumstances and conditions, as well as helping to create an atmosphere.

Good sound at an event not only means being able to understand the speaker clearly in the back row of the room or an adjacent room; a balanced sound should create a pleasant mood among your guests.

The correct number and size of speakers to be integrated into the design of the room so as not do not disturb the overall picture, are just as much part of the sound design as planning an emergency public address system.

By using modern sound systems, digital mixing consoles and sophisticated signal processing, even acoustically difficult spaces can now be easily filled with sound. Changes to stage situations or band setups can be prepared before the event and simply requested during the show.


Медийный контент

Простая видеографика, многослойное производство фильма или веб-сайт мероприятия: наши специалисты по контенту охотно проконсультируют Вас.

Мы предоставляем контент для Ваших терминалов, дисплеев, проекционных или светодиодных экранов. Наши дизайнеры сделают для Вас графики и презентации, специалисты создадут фильмы и анимации, наши веб-дизайнеры создадут веб-сайты, Apps и другие веб-приложения. Наш креативный директор отвечает полностью за дизайн и координирует работу всех сотрудников.

Мы также охотно проконсультируем Вас, если Вам необходимо комплексное решение использования аппаратного, программного и контентного обеспечения. Мы обсудим Ваши коммуникационные задачи и предложим Вам адекватное решение для достижения Ваших целей.  


Высококачественная проектная документация наиболее профессионально презентует Ваш проект. Для этого мы создадим для Вас все необходимые материалы.

К таким материалам относятся эскизы, фотографии, чертежи, визуализации, анимации, веб-сайты и полностью продуцированные фильмы. Расходы по созданию презентационного материала, конечно, должны всегда быть пропорциональны объему проекта. Для небольших проектов, как правило, делаются чертежи и рендеринги. Крупные проекты требуют более широких презентаций. Визуализации осуществляются в тесном сотрудничестве с Вами и задействованными дизайнерами.

Примеры визуализации:


Предварительное программирование (пре-программирование) включает студийное программирование световых сцен, видеоконтента и многих других деталей, которые возможно заранее запрограммировать.

С помощью современных систем управления и мультимедийных программ можно сделать заранее большую часть работы. При этом площадка мероприятия рисуется как можно точно в 3Д. В эту модель помещают деко-, видео- и световые эффекты, что помогает как при программировании, так и при визуализации для заказчика.

Таким образом выигрывается много времени при подготовке проекта на месте, что улучшает качество работы и снижает стресс на площадке. Как правило, это сокращает срок аренды, что позволяет значительно уменьшить расходы. 

Set building and decoration

Each event calls for the appropriate décor.

From neatly laid carpets, to purpose-built or decorative furniture, to matching accessories: Set building and decoration is a very extensive field. There is work for the set-building specialists at almost every event.

Experience and an eye for detail help our creative people create the ambience that you want: stage cladding, printed banners, appropriate signage, furnishings, flowers, tabletop décor – we’ll handle their coordination to match your corporate design.

The decoration work is done by our own decorating team. We also use our own resources to construct media-related decoration, which mainly consists of technical elements, and will usually carry out conventional decorative set building with specialist companies.

On request, we also provide you with visualizations or models.


Our riggers are there to help wherever there are loads to be borne. An event without rigging is hardly conceivable today – and not just at on-stage events.

Rigging refers to the hanging or positioning of loads. Riggers are responsible for the proper assembly and disassembly of the load-carrying devices and the loads attached to them. Static and dynamic loads are taken into account, along with the maximum load capacities of the suspension points and the overall construction, and the permissible distribution of loads. In outside areas, wind loads must also be considered.

The chief rigger is also responsible for ensuring that all necessary structural analyses have been obtained and are adhered to. 

Stage automation

"Flying" people or objects, turntables, lifting platforms, movable LED walls, etc. - the Stage Automation department handles the moving elements at your event.

Understandably, the strictest possible safety guidelines apply to the movement of loads or people over the audience. The requirements to be met by the technology are extremely high, as absolute reliability is necessary. The use of this kind of automation effects is therefore relatively expensive and requires plenty of preparation time.

However, the effort is worth it: Moving elements are usually a much-appreciated special effect – in some cases, they are even the highlight of the event.

Let our experienced specialists advise you.


Simple lighting – or elaborate mood lighting with all kinds of effects? Our equipment and our expert staff allow us to meet all lighting requirements in the event area from our own inventory. Artificial or natural lighting, spot- or floodlighting, illumination, effects or decorative lighting – for over 25 years, lighting has been one of PRG’s core competencies. No other provider can deliver the selection and quantities we can offer you. We carry brands from many manufacturers and even produce our own product lines. This enables us to always provide our customers with what is best for their project. 

Video technology

Cameras, vision mixers, media servers, screens, projections, video walls – we not only provide the required technology, but also the appropriate crew of technicians and creative people for your project.

Video technology processes ranges from the production of a video signal, for example by a camera or the transmission of a computer signal, to editing using an editing program or a video mixer, to the recording or playback. Playback involves screens, projectors, LED walls or other (dis)play devices. Let us advise you! 

Audio technology

Flawless sound reproduction is essential for any kind of event. We mainly use speaker systems from the leading company in the field, MeyerSound. Our portfolio includes all items that are required for excellent sound, from the 10cm x 10cm MM4 to 170Kg M3D Line Array top speakers. Of course, we also have quality systems from other manufacturers.

Our team of experts will be happy to compile a customized system for your needs. Talk to us.

IT & Communication

IT is a broad field:

This segment includes hardware and software for computer systems and various types of communication technology. Whether you need a single terminal or a complex computer network; wireless devices or a complex matrix intercom; networks for audio, video or data signals – our IT professionals take responsibility for providing it. We use hardware and software from all widely known manufacturers.

Special effects

You want lasers, fireworks and water curtains? No problem. We work with partners to deliver the desired special effects. Take advantage of our market knowledge.

The appropriate special effects can crucially upgrade your event. For example, a laser show to accompany an opening, 3D projections during a show, or indoor or outdoor fireworks for a finale. New ideas for small and large special effects are continually emerging, which we will be happy to present to you. If you are interested in regular updates about new techniques or effects, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter on the subject.


Transportation of personnel and materials, storage, travel organization – the logistics required in connection with an event are not to be underestimated.

Usually, technical subcontractors will handle the transport of their own equipment and crews. However, the larger the project or the greater the distance to the venue, the more useful it is to pool transport, flights, hotels, crew transport, etc. and plan and book these things centrally. The loading, unloading and on-site storage of materials should also be organized across subcontractors.

In larger projects, for instance, logistics may also include space planning for the outdoor areas and the scheduling of delivery traffic​​. 


Infrastructure services include fencing, water supply, heating, air conditioning, toilet facilities and ground covers. 

Often, ancillary services determine the overall impression of an event. Is it too cold or too warm? Are there enough toilets available? Can your guests find the parking areas? Let our experts advise you to avoid annoying errors in the costing and planning of your event.


Whether from a fixed power supply or from generators – having reliable power at an event is crucial. We ensure there are no interruptions to the supply.

From 3 x 16A Schuko splitters to 3 x 2000 A distributors – our Power department handles the planning and implementation of your power supply. Many of our power distributors have network connections for remote monitoring of voltage, frequency, current and other data. This lets us immediately determine if a problem is indicated somewhere.

If the existing electrical outlets are not sufficient or if you want to use a redundant, network-independent system, mobile generators are used. We provide the required infrastructure from our own stocks – generators are usually rented from reputable local suppliers. 


Events in confined spaces mainly call for stages and platforms – outdoors, tents and scaffolding are also used.

Stage and scaffolding systems are usually modular and can therefore be used very flexibly and in almost any size. Roofed areas encounter physical limits much earlier, as spans and weather conditions play a major role in the structural analysis. Let us advise you. Our stage and scaffolding experts are happy to help. 


Personnel lifts, work platforms and forklifts are just some of the tools that we provide for an efficient handling of your project.

With the exception of personnel lifts, we rent all equipment from local providers. Usually, however, it still makes sense to order through us, because we know exactly what we need and can respond more quickly to changes if we instruct the suppliers themselves. Often we can also offer you better prices, because we have framework agreements in place with some suppliers.

On request we are also happy to put you in touch with providers we feel can be recommended.


Personnel to handle issues of safety, health and security is indispensable at many events.

At the planning stage of an event, a risk assessment is carried out, along with a review of whether the venue is suitable for the loads involved.

Safety experts ensure that construction, implementation and dismantling are carried out properly in every respect. This may include fire department, ambulance and police personnel as needed.

Security monitoring is necessary to protect visitors from hazards and to ensure regulated access to cordoned areas. Admission controls, visitor flow and guidance, crowd management, and maintaining public order also fall within the remit of the security teams. 

Approvals / Permits and structural reports

Our accredited experts take care of obtaining regulatory permits and produce the required records of inspections.

Rules for places of assembly, accident prevention regulations, and the Working Hours Act just some of the laws and directives that must be observed when planning to host an event. Depending on the type of event, it can quickly necessitate the involvement of five or more public authorities: e.g. the building authorities, air traffic control, police, fire department, trade inspection authorities, etc. One also needs to consider whether structural analyses, inspection books or special permits are required for the use of fireworks, lasers, and the like. GEMA, the German artists' social welfare fund, and the tax office (tax on foreigners, sales tax, etc.) will also demand their share.

There are so many different laws and regulations that only experienced professionals are able to take all the necessary measures into consideration.

Anyone who is not absolutely sure of who has – or is permitted to have – what responsibilities at an event should definitely get professional advice. Talk to our specialists. We will be happy to advise you. 


Take advantage of our contacts and our volume of premiums: We are happy to advise you in choosing an insurance company.

In principle, you can insure against most risks. What kind of insurance you should have and what only makes sense in exceptional cases depends on various factors. We therefore recommend a careful risk/benefit analysis. Liability insurance should be taken out in any case. However, you can usually do without break-even insurance (which insures the difference between the revenues and costs of an event).

We would be happy to put you in touch with an insurer with reasonable terms, or organize the insurance for you. It’s completely up to you.

Video production and publishing

Our production professionals work with you to figure out the best way to record and publish your project.

If you wish to have a compilation/recording of your event, or perhaps a live broadcast via live Internet streaming or satellite, our production specialists will be happy to handle it. Of course we can also post your films to Youtube, Vimeo or other portals. Producing corporate videos and educational films is also part of our repertoire.

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