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Как правило, киностудии берут на себя большую часть управления кинопроектами. PRG предлагает в этих случаях в основном технические услуги - как частично, так и полный цикл технического обслуживания.

  • Персонал
  • Rehearsal locations
  • Studios
  • Event technology
  • Scaffolding
  • Stage automation
  • Broadcast lighting
  • Show lighting
  • Film lighting
  • Cameras and OB vans
  • Special effects
  • Infrastructure
  • Power
  • Machinery
  • Security
  • Approvals / Permits and structural reports
  • Video production and publishing


Хорошо обученный персонал гарантирует успех Вашего мероприятия. Мы соберем команду, которая требуется для вашего проекта.

В интернациональной команде PRG работают более 3000 постоянных сотрудников. Кроме того, мы задействуем несколько тысяч фрилансеров. С такой командой мы в состоянии провести любой международный проект любого типа и размера.

Грузчики, помощники, хостессы - эти группы персонала, как правило, нам предоставляют сотрудничающие с нами местные компании - это сокращает расходы и экономит проезд и проживание. Благодаря широкому спектру проектов, которые мы проводим, у нас есть наши собственные специалисты практически для каждого сегмента. Все ключевые позиции занимают наши постоянные сотрудники или фрилансеры, работающие с нами на тесной и долгосрочной основе. В зависимости от требований, мы привлекаем мастеров, инженеров, риггеров-высотников, пиротехников и т.д., потому что именно в сложных ситуациях особенно важно работать с высококвалифицированными специалистами. 

Rehearsal locations

If you want to rehearse a program or simply avoid risks, but don’t have enough time at the venue, rehearsals or trial assemblies may be a good idea. In touring productions, rehearsals are standard, as they are for projects with tight deadlines.

We can either recommend suitable venues or offer one of our studios in Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin. PRG also has its own studios abroad.

We would be happy to figure out with you what kind of rehearsal location you need and will propose several options.


In Germany, we operate versatile studios in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne. Suitable adjoining rooms are also available. As the studios are all at ground level and fit for traffic, we can meet all requirements from portrait photography to truck presentations. The spaces are also ideally suited for musical rehearsals, commercials and music videos.

You can find photos and details of our studios under: About PRG/PRG Studios 

Event technology

Event technology includes staging, lighting, audio and video technology. These days, organizing a high-quality event is hardly conceivable without the appropriate professional technical equipment.

Invited guests or paying visitors expect a high level of speech intelligibility, balanced sound, and lighting that is suitable for the occasion. At larger events, the transmission of images and videos is also standard.

PRG is one of the world's leading suppliers of technical equipment and has a one-of-a-kind pool of materials. With over 40 branches at all the key international venues, PRG can usually provide very competitive costing, and operate all over the world from Germany. Talk to us – we are happy to advise you. 


Events in confined spaces mainly call for stages and platforms – outdoors, tents and scaffolding are also used.

Stage and scaffolding systems are usually modular and can therefore be used very flexibly and in almost any size. Roofed areas encounter physical limits much earlier, as spans and weather conditions play a major role in the structural analysis. Let us advise you. Our stage and scaffolding experts are happy to help. 

Stage automation

"Flying" people or objects, turntables, lifting platforms, movable LED walls, etc. - the Stage Automation department handles the moving elements at your event.

Understandably, the strictest possible safety guidelines apply to the movement of loads or people over the audience. The requirements to be met by the technology are extremely high, as absolute reliability is necessary. The use of this kind of automation effects is therefore relatively expensive and requires plenty of preparation time.

However, the effort is worth it: Moving elements are usually a much-appreciated special effect – in some cases, they are even the highlight of the event.

Let our experienced specialists advise you.

Broadcast lighting

PRG has the equipment and expertise to provide broadcast-suitable lighting for any event.

With our extensive materials pool, we can handle both indoor and outdoor productions of all sizes. Our equipment ranges from small and large artificial lighting units to daylight PARs, from step lighting and floodlights to 7 kW xenon searchlights and 100 kW SoftSuns.

Show lighting

Any stage lighting that serves not merely to provide illumination is often referred to as “show lighting” or “effect lighting.” This can, for example, be stage lighting, or the lighting effects for a multimedia (sound & lights) show. The illumination of decoration is generally referred to as "deco lighting," but light itself can also be used as decoration to create the desired mood.

Moving lights, LED lights, Space Cannons and many other specialty lamps are often used in show and deco lighting. PRG has the world’s most extensive pool of equipment in the area of show and deco lighting. 

Film lighting

Movie lighting ranges from battery indicator lights to 100,000-watt SoftSuns. PRG can provide all the products commonly used in film lighting.

Cinegate, our subsidiary specializing in film industry services, provides typical movie lighting. PRG supplies effects lighting, rigging, and lighting equipment for shooting at major events. If you would like to discuss a music video, advertising, television or movie project, you’re in good hands with us.

Cameras and OB vans

From cameras and camera cranes to fully equipped OB trucks – from ENG crews for mobile coverage to complete OB truck crews: We provide the staff and equipment needed to record, edit, broadcast and distribute footage of and from your event.

Depending on the requirements, we use mobile systems or ready-equipped OB vans. We work with partners to handle satellite uplinks and other broadcast technology. We would be happy to develop a proposal for your project.

Special effects

You want lasers, fireworks and water curtains? No problem. We work with partners to deliver the desired special effects. Take advantage of our market knowledge.

The appropriate special effects can crucially upgrade your event. For example, a laser show to accompany an opening, 3D projections during a show, or indoor or outdoor fireworks for a finale. New ideas for small and large special effects are continually emerging, which we will be happy to present to you. If you are interested in regular updates about new techniques or effects, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter on the subject.


Infrastructure services include fencing, water supply, heating, air conditioning, toilet facilities and ground covers. 

Often, ancillary services determine the overall impression of an event. Is it too cold or too warm? Are there enough toilets available? Can your guests find the parking areas? Let our experts advise you to avoid annoying errors in the costing and planning of your event.


Whether from a fixed power supply or from generators – having reliable power at an event is crucial. We ensure there are no interruptions to the supply.

From 3 x 16A Schuko splitters to 3 x 2000 A distributors – our Power department handles the planning and implementation of your power supply. Many of our power distributors have network connections for remote monitoring of voltage, frequency, current and other data. This lets us immediately determine if a problem is indicated somewhere.

If the existing electrical outlets are not sufficient or if you want to use a redundant, network-independent system, mobile generators are used. We provide the required infrastructure from our own stocks – generators are usually rented from reputable local suppliers. 


Personnel lifts, work platforms and forklifts are just some of the tools that we provide for an efficient handling of your project.

With the exception of personnel lifts, we rent all equipment from local providers. Usually, however, it still makes sense to order through us, because we know exactly what we need and can respond more quickly to changes if we instruct the suppliers themselves. Often we can also offer you better prices, because we have framework agreements in place with some suppliers.

On request we are also happy to put you in touch with providers we feel can be recommended.


Personnel to handle issues of safety, health and security is indispensable at many events.

At the planning stage of an event, a risk assessment is carried out, along with a review of whether the venue is suitable for the loads involved.

Safety experts ensure that construction, implementation and dismantling are carried out properly in every respect. This may include fire department, ambulance and police personnel as needed.

Security monitoring is necessary to protect visitors from hazards and to ensure regulated access to cordoned areas. Admission controls, visitor flow and guidance, crowd management, and maintaining public order also fall within the remit of the security teams. 

Approvals / Permits and structural reports

Our accredited experts take care of obtaining regulatory permits and produce the required records of inspections.

Rules for places of assembly, accident prevention regulations, and the Working Hours Act just some of the laws and directives that must be observed when planning to host an event. Depending on the type of event, it can quickly necessitate the involvement of five or more public authorities: e.g. the building authorities, air traffic control, police, fire department, trade inspection authorities, etc. One also needs to consider whether structural analyses, inspection books or special permits are required for the use of fireworks, lasers, and the like. GEMA, the German artists' social welfare fund, and the tax office (tax on foreigners, sales tax, etc.) will also demand their share.

There are so many different laws and regulations that only experienced professionals are able to take all the necessary measures into consideration.

Anyone who is not absolutely sure of who has – or is permitted to have – what responsibilities at an event should definitely get professional advice. Talk to our specialists. We will be happy to advise you. 

Video production and publishing

Our production professionals work with you to figure out the best way to record and publish your project.

If you wish to have a compilation/recording of your event, or perhaps a live broadcast via live Internet streaming or satellite, our production specialists will be happy to handle it. Of course we can also post your films to Youtube, Vimeo or other portals. Producing corporate videos and educational films is also part of our repertoire.

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