Paskal Lighting is proud to announce that it is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of AirCover's inflatable green screens known as AirWalls.

AirWalls are an attractive alternative to traditional set construction for visual effects shoots for film and television.

  • Faster to set up and take down
  • Capable of withstanding up to 50 mph winds
  • Much safer than stacking sea containers

AirWalls are clearly a more efficient and better way of utilizing VFX screens for film and television production.

AirWalls have already been used on recent shoots for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, XMen Apolcolypse, Captain America: Civil War, and Star Trek Beyond to name a few. The reviews are coming in and filmmakers like you are loving them!


For more information please contact:

Robert Weirzbicki

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