Front Row Cam

A Periscope Camera Solution from PRG


Measuring 16 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 32 inches high, this custom-designed system (dubbed “Front Row Cam” by co-creator ESPN) features a Sony HDC-P43 camera equipped with a Fujinon HA42x13.5 lens for its ‘Tele’ version used in baseball or, a Fujinon HA13X9.7 lens for its ‘Wide’ version used in tennis and other sports. The 2X/3X/4X/6X/8X slo-mo replays are handled by an EVS XT3 replay server. A custom Pan and Tilt controller is included for operator ease of use. The entire system runs on two fibers into a Sony HKCU-SM100 CCU extension adaptor..

  • Sony HDC-P43 Camera • Fujinon HA42X13.5 Lens (Tele) or HA13X9.7 Lens (Wide)
  • Camera Chain: Sony BPU-4000 (with HFR License), HDCU-2500 and RCP 1500
  • 2X • 3X • 4X • 6X • 8X Slo Mo into EVS or 4K 2X Slo Mo
  • Entire system runs on two fibers into Sony HKCU-SM100
  • Custom Pan and Tilt Controller
  • 3D Printed Pan and Tilt Housing



Download Full Resolution Productsheet here

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