Bad Boy HP Spot Luminaire

PRG’s Bad Boy® HP Spot is an elegantly engineered, hybrid luminaire that combines the qualities of a traditional automated light with a large venue fixture. HP, which stands for High Power, is an upgraded version of the Bad Boy. By upgrading the lamp and electronics, the Bad Boy HP uses a 1,500 watt MSR lamp, producing an increase in output and increased CRI. 


Powerful output, brilliant optics, and road ready, the Bad Boy HP offers a host of advanced features.  Efficient re-lamping, addressing, and overall ease of handling enable Bad Boy HP to respond with precision and clarity, even in the harshest of touring environments. 



  • 50,000 lumens
  • High-speed servo motors
  • Zoom range of 8:1 from a narrow spot of 7° to a wide flood of 56°
  • Beam size iris
  • Two rotating gobo wheels are indexable, seven gobos per wheel
  • 540° of pan (maximum speed of 4.1 seconds)
  • 270° of tilt (maximum speed of 3.2 seconds)
  • Full-field dimming from 0% to 100%

For more information, please contact: Chris Conti, Chief Innovation Officer or Michael Dodge, Product Manager
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