LongThrow Luminaire

The GC LongThrow™ (GCLT) Luminaire is a precision engineered automated luminaire; built from the ground up for high output and long throw followspot applications. The most advanced automated followspot available, the GCLT is purpose-built to be the ultimate designer's tool with an all-inclusive feature set similar to an advanced moving profile fixture, but never in a followspot! GCLT changes the game with how designers utilize followspots! 

The GCLT produces an even, clean white beam with no green tint and no hot spots. GCLT's CMY color-mixing system offers strong saturated colors as well as a wide array of tints and lighter hues; a dedicated color correction wheel loaded with five discrete incremental minus green and CTB color filters. The fully variable CTO wheel lets designers take the color temperature of the GCLT from its native 5600K down to 3200K.



  • High Output (200fc at 350’)
  • Built-In 1080p HD Camera w/Remote Commands
  • Only 12.5A at 208V, 10.75A at 240V
  • Auto-sensing voltage input range is 170V-270V, 50/60HZ
  • No external power supply
  • Tour-friendly in pre-rig truss (30” Bat Truss is suggested)
  • Operates with GroundControl or standard DMX control
  • 3:1 from narrow spot of 2° to wide flood of 6°
  • A 16-blade mechanical iris provides continuous beam size control for both rapid changes and smooth timed beam angle changes
  • Four-blade framing system features four, independent blades mounted in two planes. Each blade can be tilted +/- 30° and the entire frame system can be rotated +/- 60° for a total travel of 120°
  • One (1) indexable, rotating gobo wheel with four (4) gobos
  • CMY color mixing
  • Variable color temperature wheel, range from 5600K down to 3200K
  • One (1) user-changeable color correction wheel with three (3) minus green color filters and two (2) CTB filters

For more information, please contact: Chris Conti, Chief Innovation Officer or Michael Dodge, Product Manager

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