Introducing the ReNEW-LD Line Dimmable LED Retrofit

The ReNEW-LD is a line dimmable LED Retrofit Assembly designed to work in conjunction with the lens tube and shutter assemblies of the Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC®) Source Four® ellipsoidal. Exchanging the tungsten light source of the Source Four with the LED source of the ReNEW-LD reduces energy consumption and HVAC costs while producing lumen output that exceeds a 575W HPL lamp. The ReNEW-LD draws 196 watts at full power. 

The ReNEW-LD is designed around a chip-on-board (COB) LED light source array paired with a specially designed reflector and lens. The lens and reflector combination provide optimal illuminance distribution through the Source Four lens.

  Power Draw at Full: 196 Watts
  Dimming: Mains/Line Dimmable
  Color Temperature: 3,000K Tungsten or 5,700 Daylight
  Power Input: 100VAC, 120VAC and 240VAC models available

A Look at the ReNEW

Check out this video demonstration of the PRG ReNEW

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