SuperRay Luminaire

The SuperRay™ Luminaire is a compact precision-engineered advanced hybrid automated luminaire. As the ultimate designer’s tool, SuperRay can transition seamlessly between performing as a Spot, Profile, Wash, Beam, or PRG GroundControl™ fixture with access to all features across all modes of use. With a 19.3-inch fixture body, SuperRay is significantly smaller than previous PRG Luminaires yet has an impressive output of 20,000 lumens. It allows designers to make the most of their limited rig space and do so with a feature-packed, bright, multi-functional fixture.



  • Integrated HD Camera
  • Operates with GroundControl™ or standard DMX. 
  • 12.9A @ 120V, 7.5A @ 208V, 6.5A @ 240V
  • Auto-sensing voltage range 110V-240V ±10% 50/60Hz
  • High-resolution optical system 
  • Stunning 20:1 zoom from a very narrow beam of 3° to wide flood of 60° Precise focus control throughout entire range
  • Four-blade framing system on four planes enabling full field shutter cuts
  • Mechanical iris providing continuous beam size control for both rapid and smooth beam size changes
  • Fully variable diffusers for multiple wash effects
  • Three distinct multiplying prisms for beam effects
  • Three independent gobo wheels: one rotating gobo wheel, one designer gobo wheel, one fixed beam gobo wheel with three fixed patterns and a fixed pixel animation range
  • Lightning fast strobe with built-in random, pulse, and fan effect macros


For more information, please contact: Chris Conti, Chief Innovation Officer or Michael Dodge, Product Manager

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