Mbox Software Downloads

Please contact MboxSupport@prg.com for older versions of Mbox software not listed below

Current Software:

Player v1.1 - January 11, 2019 and Mbox v4.3.3 - April 11, 2019

Previous Releases:

Mbox and Mbox Player

[Note: There is no download for Mbox v4.3, please use v4.3.1 instead]

Mbox Director - Controller for Mbox Designer, Studio, and Mini

Mbox Remote - Remote Monitoring, Configuration, and Content Management

Multiscreen Editor - Editor for Image Remapping

[Note: As of Mbox version 4.1, the Multiscreen Editor app should no longer be used!]

TC Reader - Timecode Receiver for Mbox

[Note: As of Mbox version 4.0, the TC Reader app is no longer necessary]

Mbox File Convertor - Movie and Still Image Convertor

Release Notes:

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