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Only the latest Mbox v4.4.x installers are compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina. No matter which version of macOS you are using, you must move your Mbox content folder (or its alias) from /Mbox to /Applications/Mbox before installing Mbox v4.4.x. This is to ensure compatibility with new security restrictions in Catalina.

If you have questions about installing Mbox v4.4.x or using Mbox with Catalina, please refer to the Mbox v4.4.2 User Manual or contact MboxSupport@prg.com

Latest Releases:

Mbox v4.4.2 - (February 18, 2020) and Player v1.3.1 - (February 27, 2020)

Previous Releases:

Mbox and Mbox Player

Note: Installers prior to Mbox v4.4 and Player v1.2 have expired certificates, which may cause issues when trying to install. With newer versions of macOS you should have the option to ignore the expired certificate, but with older versions of macOS, the installer may fail completely. To bypass an expired certificate on older versions of macOS, first set the computer's date prior to August 27, 2019, then run the installer, and when finished, reset the date to the current date.

Mbox Director - Controller for Mbox Designer, Studio, and Mini

Mbox Remote - Remote Monitoring, Configuration, and Content Management

Multiscreen Editor - Editor for Image Remapping

[Note: The Multiscreen Editor app is no longer necessary with Mbox v4]

TC Reader - Timecode Receiver for Mbox

[Note: As of Mbox version 4.0, the TC Reader app is no longer necessary, but can be used for network timecode distribution or for MTC]

Mbox File Convertor - Movie and Still Image Convertor

[Note: This app is deprecated and will no longer work starting with macOS 10.15 Catalina!]

Please contact MboxSupport@prg.com for older versions of Mbox software not listed above

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