Enhanced Environments

Enhanced Environments are a creative solution that brings a scripted location in television or film to any stage in the world. It saves production time and money while offering directors more on-set creativity, like the ability to change locations with a push of button or instantly shift scenes from a day to night sequence. Using this technology removes traditional obstacles location managers and directors face, such as closing streets, weather delays, obtaining permits, hiring police escorts as well as costs associated with multiple location moves. Enhanced Environments can also light the set and actors within video while producing an organic in-camera visual effect. The controlled environment also allows the director to more easily interact with the actors who can more readily respond in a location they can actually visualize.


  • Saves production time and money
  • Allows for more on set creativity
  • Utilize as a tool to light your set and actors with video
  • Director can easily interact with actors
  • Actors can see the location they are meant to act in
  • Change locations quickly with a push of button
  • Instantly go from a “day sequence” to a “night sequence”
  • Creates an organic In-Camera visual effect No More...
  • Closing Streets
  • Weather Delays
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Hiring police escorts
  • Costs associated with company moves

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PRG Enhanced Environments in action on Joker

PRG Enhanced Environments in Joker

PRG Enhanced Environments in action

PRG Enhanced Environments helps film MEGAN to achieve visual goals


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