PRG SPACEFRAME® is a revolutionary touring frame design seamlessly integrating LED panels to provide industry-changing operational efficiencies and the opportunity for unlimited creative expression.
The carbon fiber touring frame is ultra-lightweight, collapsible and fully wind braced creating an intensive built-in structural strength. This allows for a free-form approach to stage designs enabling artists and designers to think outside the conventional LED box. This latest patent-pending technology from PRG also dramatically reduces pre-tour engineering time, shipping footprint/weight, carbon emissions, load-in and load-out times, as well as labor required on tour and locally. 

PRG SPACEFRAME® features and advantages: 

  • Carbon fiber fabrication and built-in wind bracing reduces overall weight increasing safety and savings 
    • 10 times stronger when compared to conventional fabrication 
    • 15 percent overall weight reduction 
    • 35 percent weight reduction including wind bracing 
    • Integrated wind bracing up to 44.74 mph
  • Profile reduction and integrated wind bracing results in up-to 50 percent savings in shipping cost 
  • Reduction of truck loads and airplane cargo loads when compared to conventional LED frame load  
  • Compact, lightweight design offers up-to 30 percent reduction of installation/dismantle time and a 25 percent reduction in overall labor cost
PRG SPACEFRAME® Animated Video

Watch the PRG SPACEFRAME™ Animated Video!

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