35 Live

35mm Multi-Camera Production


35LIVE! is a new and innovative Cine Workfow in a multicamera Broadcast environment. Film-style, large sensor camera systems are key to the look and feel of this solution. A dedicated team of technical specialists work together to produce astounding cinematic imagery, 100% live, at major entertainment events, worldwide. As the TV crew records the action at the concert for eventual editing, 35LIVE! delivers the look and feel of cinema with the power and immediacy of broadcast television - in the moment... and future-proofed!

  • Proprietary technology - only available at PRG
  • Large sensor 35mm camera systems (from 1 to 30+ cameras!) • 2K • 4K • any K
  • Cinema look and feel • Broadcast power and immediacy
  • Music, Comedy and Beyond: Shoot your show as if you were shooting a movie



Download Full Resolution Productsheet here

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