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London, UK – Attracting over 30,000 delegates over four days, the recent European Society of Cardiology Congress 2014 at the FIRA de Barcelona in Spain will be remembered as one of the biggest and most exciting in the history of the society.

As well as presenting a raft of clinical trial updates, registry studies and new healthcare guidelines, the ESC Congress hosted an exhibition that provided delegates with the opportunity to exchange with key industry experts on critical areas of development and research in cardiovascular products and therapies.

One of the biggest names in biopharmaceuticals commissioned international live events and marketing agency WRG to design an impressive booth whose main attraction was ‘Heart Attack Falls’, an interactive video wall whose content represented the human cardiovascular (or circulatory) system.

To address the immense technical challenges of the exhibit, WRG turned to Production Resource Group’s division PRG Nocturne and Cameron Bannister, PRG Nocturne’s UK-based account manager for the project. Bannister takes up the story. “WRG’s client wanted to showcase itself as a leading partner in cardiovascular care and in doing so requested innovative technology to reflect the innovative science behind their brand.”

“The first main element of the system supplied by PRG Nocturne was a large 5.5mm pixel pitch display consisting of 335 light weight, power efficient Barco C5 LED tiles which extended from a vertical position down to floor level to create Heart Attack Falls,” continued Bannister. “Informed by remote cameras, interactive playback content was catered for by Arcstream AV technology. “We ran two outputs from Arcstream’s custom-built content server which fed into the three Barco processors that mapped the content across the entire screen surface. As visitors stood on sections of the screen, the content adjusted to demonstrate blood flow, creating an a very impressive interactive environment.”

The PRG Nocturne team excelled at their task. “Our aim was to install a flexible system that enabled us to adjust to our client’s needs,” says Bannister. “We used Dataton’s Watchout V5 multi-display software which gave us that flexibility to orchestrate content across different displays on the booth, precisely where it was needed. Watchout also gave us the freedom to amend any content that didn’t work exactly as planned or required content updates.”

PRG Nocturne’s involvement also extended to other areas of the exhibition booth. “We had three 46″ NEC screens linked to each other and the client wanted these to be part of an interactive system that ran seamlessly,” explains Bannister. “Using an i7 computer loaded with a TripleHead2Go graphics card, we were able to achieve three full HD outputs. Combining that with a 48:9 aspect ratio custom-built multi-touch overlay allowed multiple visitors to fully interact with the screen over these three screens that seamlessly acted as one 5760 x 1080 resolution surface.”

Bannister continues the explanation. “All the interactive touch activated elements were controlled from a computer stack centrally accessed with a KVM switch that interacted with each device, giving us quick access to machines for uploading or adjusting content, and then relaying it back to the screen. For me, the control system was one of the more interesting aspects of the project.”

To showcase a range of product and branding video content around the booth, PRG Nocturne supplied a range of displays by Samsung (two 95” ‘pill’ screens), LC (one 80”), NEC (one 55” screen) and Ilyama (two 24”), along with four double-sided portrait ‘totems’ comprising of 12 46” NEC seamless displays that were mapped on Watchout to enable full HD quality. The company’s overall production package also incorporated a generous IT solution in the form of 48 Apple iPad 4s with wireless network infrastructure and SQL database hardware, and eight 17” MacBook Pro laptops.

“The main thing about this project was supplying the right equipment to enable effective control of the system and be sufficiently flexible with our installation,” concludes Bannister.

Communicating with Bannister after the event, Steve Rouse, WRG’s Senior Exhibition Designer said: “WRG really values the strong support that PRG Nocturne provide. The PRG team met every challenge with a positive attitude, and that is a partnership we truly value.”

Summarising the project, Production Manager Mark Owen commented: “WRG contracted PRG Nocturne to provide all AV services relating to the exhibition booth designed and implemented by WRG. From my perspective, PRG Nocturne’s total project management for the supply of AV services facilitates a smooth transition from concept through to on-site delivery and on a project of this size where AV elements are prone to change—that is priceless. PRG Nocturne are also a great resource to collaborate with when it comes to ideas and solutions for unusual delivery and display of content.”

Photo: Courtesy of WRG.

European Cardiology Congress 2014. Photo by Arjan Bronkhorst, courtesy of WRG.

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