PRG delivers stunning lighting and video package for the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert at Wembley


PRG was honored to support lighting, video, and crew for the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert on Saturday September 3rd at Wembley Stadium.


PRG delivered a comprehensive lighting rig containing over 450 fixtures for Production and Lighting Designer Dan Hadley. We utilized our new stock of Aryton Huracans, over half a mile of PRG BAT truss, four of PRG’s GroundControl® Longthrow follow spots - the only remote-control fixture capable of achieving 80-foot candles over such a long distance, and ten of our Best Boy® Ground Control fixtures to allow TV Lighting Director Nathan Wilson complete control of levels over a huge array of performers.


PRG provided the entirety of the LED screen package (including CB5 and Galaxia WAR tiles) for the show as well as 2 Disguise GX2C servers. In addition, we also provided an IMAG camera package, and broadcast truck (including camera package) to facilitate all broadcast needs to the millions of viewers worldwide.

From a video perspective, PRG UK worked hand-in hand with PRG LA to provide the I-Mag screens and playback rig, as with the normal touring Foo Fighters shows, but to fit in with the live broadcast and film record, all cameras became UHD/4k, numbering some 23 chains, split between full broadcast chains, PTZ remote heads and PoV shots.  To accommodate the extra needs of this event, PRG UK hired in an OB truck from TimeLine TV, that handled the I-Mag cameras, cut by long-time Foo Fighters director, Josh Adams, with their touring Engineer Dan Albert. Hayden Katz, assisted by Tom Denney, ran content and effects for the I-Mag screens, from 2x Disguise GX2c, with a dedicated PTZ rig for certain shots and cutaways.

Silva Artist Management

John Silva

Gaby Skolnek

Kristen Welsh

John ‘JC’ Cutcliffe

Sacha Bambadji

Sara Sigman



John Wiseman - Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales



Yvonne Donnelly Smith - Sales Director

Ben Holdsworth - Account Manager 

Steve Major - Project Manager

Catherine Meyers - Music Support and Sales Coordinator 


PRG UK Lighting Crew

Mark Jones-Roberts - FOH Assist

Matt Morris - LX Systems

David Mathieson - LX HOD

Lestyn Thomas - LX 2

Tom James - LX 3

James Tomlinson - LX 4

Chris Wilkes - LX 5

Molly Hayden - LX 6 AUD

Lewis Young - LX 7 AUD

James Spooner - LX 8

Matt West - Load Out

Lee Threlfall - Load Out


PRG UK Video Crew

Tom Denney - Media Servers

Simon Schofield - Camera

Devin Turner - Camera

Rob Wick - Camera

Chip Wood - Camera

Mark Cruickshank - Camera

Danny Sheldon - Camera

Cedric Vandepitte - LED

Devin Turner - LED/Camera

Jens Couckuijt - LED/Camera

James Morden - OB Liaison

Jordan McMahon - OB Technician



Sean “Sharky” Harper - Video Project Manager

Steven “Waffle” Lemahieu - Video Crew Chief

Josh Adams - I-Mag Video Director

Dan Albert - I-Mag Vision Engineer

Hayden Katz - Media Servers

Tim Clohessy- Camera

Tom Matthews - Camera/Utility


OB Truck (from Timeline TV)

Gareth Wildman - Engineering Manager

Jack Sowerby - Vision Guarantee

Hamish Perks - Vision Engineer

Simon Hul - Vision Engineer

Dan Regan - Sound Guarantee

Hugh Pollard - VT Guarantee

Haydyn Bevis-Knowles - Camera Guarantee

Jodie Haertel - Camera Assistant

Jamie Airs - Camera Assistant

Kevin Street - Rigging Supervisor

Ray Yates - Driver/Rigger

Matt Tyler - Driver Rigger

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