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PRG adds to the illumination by supplying lighting for The Phantom of the Opera worldwide touring production


PRG UK were proud to supply lighting for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mega-hit, juggernaut musical, The Phantom of the Opera Worldwide Tour. Lee Batty (Technical Director from RUG - The Really Useful Group) oversaw the production in association with Troika Entertainment; (Executive Vice President Kori Prior and Production Manager Dave Burch), which has travelled throughout a selection of countries around Asia, including Manila in the Philippines, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and more recently the moved into Tel Aviv and Dubai.


The iconic production kicked off its latest international touring show, since it mounted back in 1986, in London’s West End, and in 1988 On Broadway, where it is still on a high from its widely celebrated 30th Anniversary mile-stone at its long-term home at the Majestic theatre in NY. Over the years, The Phantom of the Opera has spurned 2 US tours and a UK national tour, as well as mounting touring productions in over 25 countries. The last touring production saw a dramatic overhaul of the production, from the set to the lighting and even changing the physical appearance of the Phantom and other major characters, moving away from Maria Bjornson’s classic look and feel to the original sets. This new international touring production however, has gone back to its renowned and widely recognised original aesthetic, looking more closer in its appearance, feel and production set up to that of both the West End and Broadway current productions, which in own right feels the right time to celebrate the original masterpiece.



Photo supplied courtesy of The Really Useful Group Ltd.


Lighting Designer; Andrew Bridge, (who was also the original LD for all of the productions including London’s West End in 1986 & On Broadway in New York back in 1988), re-equipped the entire production, whereby future proofing the lighting inventory for the next generation, favouring LED sources (a resource that was not available more than 30 years ago). He and his associate Michael Odam, along with Production Electrician Andy Bird, set rigorous performance criteria, whilst simultaneously identifying the vast savings that could be derived over the prospect of a potential long-term run, from running expenses, minimal air conditioning, less cabling and zero lamp replacement. To give an example in terms of the cost savings, on the previous 2006 world tour, which was predominantly an arc rig, with a similar quantity of units the production would have spent in excess of around £7,000 on a re-lamp every 10–12 playing weeks. Since using LED lights, the high level of reoccurring expenditure has now disappeared. Not only this, but the new touring production managed to achieve a massive power saving, which aside from being good for the environment, has allowed the show to be able to play to some of the smaller and more less equipped venues, which at times can have different power infrastructures for the production to link into.


“In London and New York, the productions are still based on a fixed focus tungsten lighting rig, and in the course of 33 years there have been many upgrades. However, while the original concept remains without moving lights in those locations, on the 2006 world tour we adapted the entire rig to a majority of moving lights, initially using tungsten-based units, but finding that touring voltage variations made consistency of output impossible. Eventually the journey took them to LED – but with appalling colour renderings and dimming.” he added.



Photo supplied courtesy of The Really Useful Group Ltd.


However, moving forward to the present day, and the need for a much more streamlined, efficient production – a load-in time was finally brought down from twelve days, a total of just three.


“After nearly two years of design challenges, we designed an all – LED rig, with no need for the usual heavy power requirements and space hungry dimmers. This enabled us to design a superb and ground-breaking mains distribution and control. The LED units are more robust and quieter.” (The Phantom of the Opera Lighting Designer; Andrew Bridge).



Photo supplied courtesy of The Really Useful Group Ltd.


What PRG provided for the TPOTO international touring production?

PRG’s highly experienced, and dedicated crew provided the following equipment consisting of:


LED Fixtures and Extras:


  • 47 x ETC Source 4 LED Lustr series 2 Head/Body
  • 32 x Colorsource LED PAR Deep Blue ETC
  • 7 x Freshnel LED Altman Pegasus 6” 300K
  • 2 x Freshnel HMI 2.5K Arri Compact
  • 2 x Freshnel HMI 4.0K Arri Compact
  • 26 x MAC Aura XB RGBW LED Wash
  • 50 x MAC Encore Performance Warm LED
  • 30 x MAC Encore Performance Cold LED
  • 8 x MAC Encore Wash Warm LED
  • 24 x MAC Encore Wash Cold LED
  • 6 x MAC Viper Performance
  • 2 x SPOT 2.5 HMI RJ CRYANO 3-8o CAD 2000
  • 5 x Selador Desire D22 Lustr+LED RGBAW ETC
  • 5 x Selador Desire D22 Lustr+LED RGBAW ETC
  • 6 x Strobe GLP JDC1 LED RGB
  • 14 x Impression X4 S LED RGBW GLP
  • 10 x Impression X4 BAR20 RGBW GLP
  • 7 x GOBO Rotator S4 Dual Rosco Revopro
  • 2 x Fog look Power TINY/HB Battery
  • 2 x Fog MDG Hazer ATME APS
  • 1 x Fog Look Viper 2.6 DMX 2600W 230V
  • 2 x Viper 2.6 Fluid Cap W/Filter+ Hose
  • 2 x Fog low look Cryo-Fogger High Pressure 2300W 230V
  • 1 x Cue Light GDS Cuesystem
  • 1 x Cuesystem Control DIGI 12-Way 3RU
  • 1 x Cuesystem Control DIGI 12-Way 1RU
  • 14 x Cuesystem Outstation Standard
  • 1 x ETC EOS TI GEN1 16000 console
  • 2 x Fog low look Cryo-Fogger High Pressure 2300W 230V
  • 1 x ETC ION/EOS Fader Wing 2x10
  • 1 x ETC GIO5 24000 console
  • 2 x ETC Nomad Pug Gen2 512
  • 1 x Node ETCNET3 DMX/RDM Gateway X4
  • 4 x Node Module Net3 Gateway DMX-OUT XLR5F ETC
  • 8 x Node Module Net3 Gateway DMX-In XLR5M ETC
  • 2 x Node Rack Adapter ETC Gateway X2 ETC
  • 1 x Node ETCNet3 Show Control Gateway 802.3AF
  • 2 x Show Baby 6 DMX Transceiver PSU CITY THEATRICAL
  • 1 x KVM Switch VGA USB 1X8 Adder AVX1008
  • 2 x KVM Ext USB+VGA CATXX RX Adder X200/R



    Trussing Fixtures:

  • 4 x Truss Box MBeam Slick 1’ MF
  • 4 x Truss Box MBeam Slick 4’ MF
  • 4 x Truss Box MBeam Slick 10’ MF
  • 6 x Truss Box MBeam Slick 6’ MF
  • 4 x Truss Corner MBeam 2-Way MB90HV/A/F
  • 2 x Truss Base MBeam MBBP
  • 10 x LowPro 15” x 24” BAT SPIG 8’ PNG
  • 6 x LowPro 15” x 24” BAT SPIG 10’ PNG


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