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Live Stream Your Next Event with PRG

As the UK’s leading supplier of event technology, we provide unrivalled options for anyone looking to live stream their events.

The events we work on vary massively; one week we might be live streaming performances from the English National Ballet, straight from the Royal Opera House. Then, the following week could see our team live streaming Stormzy hitting the stage in Brixton. A few days later you might spot us streaming a live launch of the latest Mercedes, direct from Berlin. The possibilities are endless!

Our live streaming services are tailored to every individual client’s needs, so whether you’re on the hunt for a one or two camera live feed, or you’re looking for a bigger production with 25-camera live feed, we can help.

We can live stream your next event to any platform. Previously, clients have asked us to live stream to embedded YouTube players on artists’ websites, or direct to their own YouTube channels. Speak to us if you’d like to hear more about all the options.

Live streaming offers a great, cost-effective solution to getting the word out about your event. And it’s the best way to reach out to that all-important next generation, who now watch video content on the move more than any other media.

Live streaming doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire event, either. In fact, we think it works brilliantly if you prefer to live stream highlights and snippets from your event. Filming in this way works well for social channels and always creates a buzz .

About Us
PRG is an international company, supplying technical expertise and equipment for corporate and special events, music touring and festivals, theatre and the arts, exhibitions, brand activations and film and television productions.

Our services include consulting, planning and design, as well as the provision of event technology and other services for a huge range of corporate and private events.

Talk To Us
With our low bandwidth and 4G technology, we can take efficient live streaming practically anywhere. Get in touch with us today to find out more about live streaming with PRG.

Contact us
Steve Greetham - Account Director, Special Events Steve Greetham

Contact for Live Streaming Services

Phone: +44 (0)345 470 6400


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About PRG UK
Production Resource Group UK Ltd - warehouse and offices at Longbridge, Birmingham.

Learn more about our company, meet the UK management team, and read about our aims and values.

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