Bad Boy Spot Luminaire

PRG’s Bad Boy® Spot CMY is an elegantly engineered, hybrid luminaire that combines the qualities of a traditional automated light with a large venue fixture. Powerful and brilliant, road ready and reliable, the Bad Boy offers a host of features not previously found in large-scale units, including efficient re-lamping, addressing, and overall ease of handling, that enable it to respond with precision and clarity.

The Bad Boy Spot CMY features a color-mixing system that allows for seamless crossfading between colors for unlimited creative possibilities. The color system is lightning fast for both rapid shifts of color as well as slow speed crossfades.


  • 48,000 lumens
  • Optical efficiency of over 40% 
  • High-speed servo motors
  • Zoom range of 8:1 from a narrow spot of 7° to a wide flood of 56°
  • Beam size iris
  • Two rotating gobo wheels are indexable, seven gobos per wheel
  • 540° of pan (maximum speed of 4.1 seconds)
  • 270° of tilt (maximum speed of 3.2 seconds)
  • Full-field dimming from 0% to 100%


For more information, please contact: Chris Conti, Chief Innovation Officer or Michael Dodge, Product Manager

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