Best Boy HP Spot Luminaire

The PRG Best Boy® HP Spot is a precision-engineered automated luminaire; with an all-inclusive feature set without compromising output or performance. HP, which stands for High Power, is an upgraded version of the Best Boy. By upgrading the lamp and cooling, the Best Boy HP uses a 1,500 watt HTI lamp, producing 33,000 lumens, an increase of 13,000 lumens over the original Best Boy® 4000 Spot.

The purpose-built Best Boy HP is still the most advanced automated lighting fixture available on the market. The Best Boy HP has been designed to be the ultimate designer’s multi-tool fixture with stunning high output, a truly complete feature set including both shutters and an iris, superior speed and unmatched clarity in optics.


  • High output (33,000+ lumens)
  • Max. 8.75A at 240V, 10.5A at 208V.
  • Auto-sensing voltage input range is 170V-270V, 50/60HZ
  • High-speed servomotors
  • Zoom range of 8:1 from a narrow spot of 8° to a wide flood of 64°
  • Beam size iris
  • Four-blade framing system features four, independent blades mounted in two planes
  • Two rotating gobo wheels, six gobos per wheel
  • Moiré gobos
  • One effect wheel
  • CMY color mixing plus designer color wheel
  • Color temperature wheel from 3,000K to 7,500K

For more information, please contact: Chris Conti, Product Manager or Michael Dodge, Product Specialist

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