VL6C+ Spot Luminaire

The VL6C+™ Spot Luminaire from PRG is an improved version of the Vari-Lite® VL6C™ Spot Luminaire. Upgrades to the ventilation and airflow system provide superior reliability for all circuit boards and motors, while upgraded wiring and connectors further enhance the dependability and consistency of all motors and pan/tilt mechanisms. Improvements to the luminaire’s ignitor technology reduce hot restrike time from 8 minutes (VL6C) to 1 minute (VL6C+) and a new lamp douse switch allows lamp power to be quickly disconnected at the luminaire itself.

The VL6C+ contains a 700 watt short arc lamp and a cold mirror reflector to provide an extremely bright and flat field. The VL6C+ unit accepts a wide variety of color filters and gobos. Two fixed wheels are included, one factory configured for gobos and the second for color filters. Automated zoom optics and edge control, along with a rotating gobo wheel, compliment the fixed wheels and beam size iris functions for a wide variety of effects. A standard palette of gobos and colors is provided with the luminaire and custom gobos can also be installed.

The VL6C+ Spot Luminaire is small, lightweight, and virtually silent. Operation is identical to the standard Vari-Lite VL6C model, so it will easily fit into existing systems, providing the same exceptional performance designers have grown to appreciate with VL6C luminaires.

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