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Mbox® Designer is a software-only media server application, which can be installed and operated on any Apple® Mac® computer (Intel processor, OSX 10.6.7 and higher). This is the fully-featured version of the Mbox software with twelve playback layers. Like all members of the Mbox family, Designer includes the single-layer crossfading that makes Mbox so easy to use and fast to program. Designer offers substantial power and versatility, operating identically to Mbox Studio in playback, effects, and transition functions and adding the full capabilities of pixel-mapping, pixel remapping, and 3D projection mapping. Designer offers twelve playback layers and a fully functional pixel mapping toolset. A demo content library, available as a separate download, can be used as a starting point for content creation with Mbox Designer. 

Mbox Designer is a sophisticated media control application for use on big and small productions and is the most capable version in the Mbox family of products. Users of Mbox Designer can download, for free, and install Mbox Director, a simple yet sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) control application. Director allows users to configure and control all aspects of Mbox Designer content and playback on any Mac computer. 

Alternatively, a moving light console may be used to control Mbox Designer; fixture profiles exist for popular consoles. Mbox Designer will run in demo mode until a license is purchased. We strongly recommend testing the software on your computer prior to purchasing. 

Mbox Designer is licensed using a USB key that can be moved to any computer. If you would like to purchase Mbox Designer, please contact your local PRG office or email: orders@prg.com

Have any questions about Mbox? Contact MboxSupport@prg.com

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