Mbox Media Server

**January 8th, 2016 - New versions of Mbox released** 

Mbox® is designed to give users powerful and flexible control by working seamlessly with up to twelve layers of content which can be displayed simultaneously and allowing layers to be any combination of 3D objects or background. Users also have the ability to transition content, both 2D and 3D, on the same layer. This means 12 layers with Mbox is effectively like having 24 layers on another server.  Layers on Mbox can have a content resolution of 1080p and beyond and can use 2D, 3D, or a combination of 2D and 3D content. Mbox provides a substantial array of play modes and effects so you can present your content in creative ways. Both pixel-mapping and pixel remapping tools are included. Built-in keystone, warp, and projection mapping allow for complex projection setups on both standard screens and 3D scenic elements.

In addition to the Mbox Extreme server that is available for rental from PRG locations worldwide, two versions of the Mbox software are available for purchase. Mbox Designer includes every 2D and 3D feature for ultimate power and flexibility. Mbox Studio works just like Mbox Designer, and although some features are scaled back, Studio provides all the power that most users will ever need. Mbox Mini retains the core feature set for 2D content playback and manipulation, but reduces complexity by limiting features and eliminating most 3D elements.

Mbox Director is a graphical user interface (GUI) control application that is specifically written to control Mbox software from a personal computer. It can be used to configure and control all aspects of the Mbox server, media content, and playback, thereby eliminating the need for a lighting console.

USB license keys for Mbox Designer, Studio, and Mini can be purchased from any PRG office or by contacting orders@prg.com. A software license for either Mbox Studio or Mini can be purchased online.

Have any questions about Mbox? Contact MboxSupport@prg.com

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