Mbox Training Videos

The Mbox® media server and media playback software takes handling visual imagery and effects to the next level, offering users unprecedented options while still providing the range of features and functions that have made Mbox an industry standard. Mbox offers increased speed, streamlined user controls, and complete flexibility so clients can work how and where they choose.

Look below for training material to help users familiarize themselves with Mbox. Please note that some of this content is for older versions of the Mbox software. We'll be adding new content for Mbox Player as quickly as we can and will continue to add new information for Mbox v4 as well.


Mbox Player Media Playback Software


Mbox v4 Media Server Software


Mbox v4 Projection Mapping


Mbox Director v4


Patching Mbox v4/v3.10 on a Lighting Console


Mbox Pixel Mapping - For Mbox v3.9 and above ONLY!


Mbox Image Remapping


Mbox v3 Projection Mapping


Mbox v3 Operation


Additional Mbox Videos

OLD Mbox Pixel Mapping - For Mbox v3.8.1 and older ONLY!

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