Energi9 Perkasa

Energi9 Perkasa is a one-stop shop in Indonesia that offers technology and expertise in audiovisual technical production to best suit each project and each client’s needs. 

From its origins in providing high-quality audio systems for live events, the company expanded its services to full mobile staging- engineering to fulfill the growing demands in lighting, video and multimedia markets.

Energi9 Perkasa has well-known reputation both locally and internationally through rental projects that requires the best technology available.

Safety is an essential issue in mobile engineering, and becomes the deciding factor for clients in choosing a premium supplier to fulfill their needs.


  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Video / LED
  • Rigging

Energi9 Perkasa

Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +62 81 2296 4241
E-Mail: ellyas@energi9perkasa.com
Web: http://www.energi9perkasa.com/

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