One Alliance, Endless Possibilities

PRG Alliance is the leading international network of companies dedicated to delivering top-tier event production technology, service, and expertise across the globe. Established with a clear mission, PRG Alliance aims to offer global clients reliable and consistent technical production support, no matter the location. With PRG Alliance, you can expect cutting-edge staging and audiovisual technology, impeccable execution, and outstanding service for your event, wherever it may be.

Today, the expanding PRG Alliance consists of 15 companies worldwide, forming an unparalleled knowledge base in event production with a presence in major global destinations. By offering global support, we enable you to allocate more of your event budget where it will have the greatest impact—rather than on logistics and transportation. PRG Alliance provides local technology, production expertise, and service professionals in numerous local markets, minimising transport-related costs and ensuring the success of your events.

It is all about providing you with peace of mind. With PRG Alliance, you can trust that your event will benefit from exceptional, innovative event production solutions worldwide, backed by the unparalleled expertise and service that only PRG and the PRG Alliance can offer. Discover more about PRG Alliance by exploring our partners listed below. Contact us to learn how PRG Alliance can support your next international event.

PRG Alliance Services

  • Technical production project management
  • Audiovisual Solutions: Sound, Lighting, Video
  • Rigging
  • Staging
  • Scenic

  • Automation
  • Translation Equipment
  • Logistics
  • Pre-Visualization
    and more…

PRG Alliance Technology Partners 

PRG Alliance is always looking for partnership with leading technical production manufacturers to provide to its members access to new technologies and services with exclusive conditions.

Read more about PRG Alliance preferred suppliers:

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