International Jazz Day 2024 in Tangier

Rehearsal Studios

International Jazz Day 2024 in Tangier saw four days of festivities from April 27th to 30th, shining a spotlight on Morocco's rich jazz heritage. This event served as a platform to celebrate the profound cultural, artistic, and economic bonds between Europe, America, and Africa.
PRG France supplying lighting and audio consoles, along with BadBoy Follow Spots and PRG Ground Control BestBoy Follow Spots. The technical team, including a PRG Ground Control specialist and a sound engineer, ensured smooth installation and provided support to the American sound team throughout the performances.
Touareg, our PRG Alliance partner, contributed significantly by providing additional audio equipment, completing the venue's setup with speakers, artist returns, backline gear, and a substantial portion of the lighting equipment. Their comprehensive support extended to masterclasses preceding the concert, offering sound and backline equipment.

The collaboration between Touareg and PRG enabled the delivery of top-notch services within budget, facilitating the execution of this globally acclaimed event. We take pride in aligning our PRG Alliance Member Touareg Prod with this prestigious occasion, underscoring our commitment to sharing expertise and fostering development with our partners.