Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - Customized show solution of PRG

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will choose its winner in Tel Aviv. And as in previous years, PRG will be there again, providing customized show solutions for rigging and video that will ensure the show runs efficiently and give the audience an unforgettable show.  

"Florian Wieder, the stage designer, has designed some unique elements for this year's show," explains Ingo Rehnert (Head of Sales & Account Management Sport & Special Events PRG). On the one hand, there are the triangles on the ceiling of the main stage. On the other hand, we have the LED strips in the ceiling of the Green Room. The custom triangular structures, designed by our custom construction department, integrate the VER Blades.  
According to John van Look, Head Rigger Production PRG Germany, the weight distribution and static calculation depending on the suspension capacity of the venue was the biggest challenge, considering how much automation technology had to be integrated into the ceiling. 
The main elements at the back of the stage are the rotating LED panels, which are made of ROE CB5 and mounted on turntables with custom metal frames that integrate the LED panels.  
Another great element for the show is the LED floor on the main stage, which consists of Black Marble 4 modules integrated into the domino developed by PRG for quick and time-saving installation. 

Ola Melzig, Head of Production ESC 2019, summarizes, "Our job is to make 41 songs stand out and make them unique. There are not many companies in the world that can deliver this amount of high-end products - and that's PRG!" 

We would like to thank: 

We would also like to thank all the participants and people we had the pleasure to work with on this great production, as well as our PRG alliance partner Sincopa. 

PRG Technical Facts 


  •  450m2 ROE CB5 
  • 100m2 ROE Black Marble 4 with PRG Projects Domino LED frames (LED floor) 
  •  16 x Panasonic PT DZ-21 projectors 
  •  2.200 VER sheets - 90cm 
  •  4 x cladding d3 VX4 media server 
  •  4 x GrandMa2 

Special construction: 

  • triangular aluminum frames (250x250x250cm) for VER Blades in the main stage ceiling
  • triangular pods for VER Blades for the kinetic section of the main stage ceiling


  • 3.800 m truss
  • 650 hoists BGV D8 / D8+
  • 300 m horizontal wire rope system 

340 tons of material in total

Production period: March 21 - June 03 (almost 11 weeks) 
Crew: 35 riggers + 18 technicians 
Number of trailers: 32 x 40" containers