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We specialize in crafting dynamic video experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience. From stunning LED displays or huge projections to multi-camera live broadcasts, our team of experts ensures every frame is meticulously curated to perfection. Step into the world of immersive visuals and unparalleled broadcasting solutions with PRG and elevate your events to new dimensions of engagement.

Latest News in the field of Video Technology and Broadcast

2024, United States, Music, Audio, Lighting, Video, Scenic, Rigging, Article

Unveiling the Design Marvel of SoundStorm MDLBEAST Festival

2024, United Kingdom, Festivals, Lighting, Rigging, Video, Article

Liquid death presents Download2024

2022, Germany, Film, Video, Article

PRG supplied huge projection solution for the film production 'Inside' with Willem Dafoe


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LED trucks and LED trailers

PRG has a large fleet of flexible LED Truck and LED trailers with high-resolution LED screens at its disposal - quick & easy installed

PRG delivered LED Trucks / Trailer at Public Viewing EURO 2016 in Berlin.

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