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This is where the magic of events come to life! PRG is your ultimate one-stop destination for all your event needs. Whether you're planning a dazzling corporate conference, an electrifying concert, a jaw-dropping theatrical performance, or anything in between, our diverse range of technical services is tailored to make your vision a resounding reality. 
Lighting, audio, video, rigging, automation, digital services, camera, broadcast & design - and everything that goes with it - are our playgrounds. With a passion for perfection and an eye for detail, our team of dedicated professionals is poised to exceed your expectations, turning your event into an unforgettable masterpiece. 
From conceptualisation to execution, we leave no stone unturned in curating the perfect ambiance, ensuring seamless production, and leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Let us handle the technical complexities, while you focus on other things. 
Let us inspire you with the diversity of our capabilities. See for yourself.  

Lighting Technology

Discover expert lighting solutions at PRG. Illuminate your events with state-of-the-art technology. Our experts are here to assist you!

Rigging & Automation

Discover precision rigging & automation solutions at Production Resource Group. Exceeding safety standards for flying scenery, equipment & people.

Audio Technology

PRG's exceptional audio services elevate events with pristine sound. High-quality technology for the best event implementation. Contact us now!

Video Technology

Experience top-tier video solutions for your event with high-end equipment and our experienced video team at Production Resource Group. Contact us!

What does "360° Plus Services" mean?

PRG’s 360° Plus service refers to a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to providing event production and solutions. It goes beyond the traditional concept of covering all aspects of an event and extends further to ensure that every angle, detail, and requirement of the client's needs are met with exceptional care and expertise. 
We take it a step further by emphasizing that we not only meet all the basic requirements but also go above and beyond to exceed expectations. 

PRG Production Values
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Sun Princess de Princess Cruises

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FTI Kortrijk: A multi-sensory journey into the future

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Soundstorm 2023: Unleashing People, Production, and Possibility on the Global Stage!


Introducing EventTech Revolution

Our cutting-edge products redefine the event experience

Find out more

Breaking Boundaries : Our Tailored Approach

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#The1975 - pushing boundaries


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