PRG's Global Synergy Shines at Corporate Event in Zürich

Zürich consistently ranks as one of the top cities worldwide for quality of life, reflecting a high standard of living that extends to its business events. In February, PRG Netherlands had the privilege of producing a corporate event at the Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport hotel, marking an exciting venture beyond our national borders.

This ambitious project was a collaborative effort with our colleagues from PRG Germany. The seamless cooperation highlighted PRG's global network, where shared methodologies and a unified approach transcend borders, all while leveraging local market knowledge and support from local crews.

PRG Netherlands took charge of rigging and lighting, expertly managing nearly 400 fixtures. Simultaneously, PRG Germany handled the audio and video aspects, featuring an impressive 30-meter-wide LED screen.

The outcome exceeded our clients' expectations, and there is already enthusiasm building for next year's event. This corporate project once again highlights the strengths of PRG and the accomplishments that can be achieved when working together as a team.