FTI Kortrijk: A multi-sensory journey into the future

Thousands of visitors descended upon Hall K in Kortrijk from March 16 to 21, stepping into a captivating "Club of the Future." This awe-inspiring event wasn't just about showcasing the latest advancements in technology and innovation; it was a full-fledged sensory experience.

Guests embarked on a 360-degree audio-visual journey, where cutting-edge lighting, video, sound, and rigging converged to create a mesmerizing spectacle. PRG Belgium's expertise powered the event, seamlessly orchestrating 32 high-tech Barco projectors controlled by our Pixera servers. The result? A 3,000 square meter space transformed into an immersive music temple, surrounding visitors in a captivating soundscape and visuals.

This event wasn't just about entertainment; it was a testament to Belgium's groundbreaking visual expertise!

Pictures by Thomas Dhondt & Jonathan Verschuere