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We love music in its various forms! Whether it's a live concert, international tour or a summer festival. We have the know-how and experience to make these shows unforgettable. Live music production places high demands on everyone involved, but with PRG's these demands can not only be met, but exceeded.

Visual elements make the difference for a thrilling concert experience. That's why we not only offer outstanding sound, but also customised production services that transform stages into vibrant worlds and spice up the vibe. From dazzling light displays to mesmerizing visual effects, we will create breathtaking moments that complement your music and engage the audience on a whole new level. 

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We are the right place for you! The Bridge - offers you exactly what you are looking for on 600 square meters

Concert & Touring

We Take Your Show On The Road!

Step into the spotlight with PRG, where concert dreams become a mind-bending reality. From top notch audio to jaw-dropping visuals, we've got the full-service magic to elevate your concerts and tours to a legendary status. Prepare to blow your fans away! The world of concerts and tours presents a realm of elevated expectations, where individuals, equipment, and logistics must harmonise seamlessly. This is a challenge we understand. We provide comprehensive touring services for all your technological needs, seamlessly coordinated on a global scale with the unwavering support of our local teams to reduce the carbon footprint.

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Madonna, Celebration Tour

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Andrea Bocelli dazzled in two unforgettable concerts at Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi

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International Jazz Day 2024

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A Celebration of Music, Art, and Community Empowerment



Calling all festival fanatics! PRG is your backstage pass to the most breathtaking festival moments #PRGSummerOfMusic. 

From jaw-dropping stage setups to tailor-made solutions ensuring lightning-fast and seamless transitions between performances, not to mention the mind-blowing lighting designs, PRG is the full service provider that will make it all come together for a truly electrifying experience. 

Let us make the summer a festival to remember. 

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PRG Delivers Video and Lighting for Coachella’s Main Stage

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Liquid death presents Download2024

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Reverze in full motion with PRG

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#UNTOLD2024 Dubai

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Collaborative Brilliance: PRG Lights Up Jeddah's Balad Beast Festival


Classical Music

The realm of classical music brings forth distinct challenges, primarily centered around acoustics. These challenges stem not from the musicians or instruments themselves, but predominantly from the diversity of the venues. Each ballroom, church, and concert hall boast their own unique attributes that necessitate meticulous attention when devising sound systems. 
Our PRG Music experts understand and match the needs of musicians, conductors and audiences alike. 

Rigging and automation solutions at PRG

Game-changing flexibility and range for your show - 100% safe and reliable!

#PRGProud: Real people, real stories


What I love about PRG is the way they`re able to tell me the real real. Is that going to work? Yes or No! From a design point of view, it's a relatively simple solve, but we had to design a proscenium at a huge scale. The challenge was to make it work and they did! (...) Their professionalism is seamless.

Bedford Park Concerts

It’s been great working with Chris and Yvonne at PRG as they share our passion for trying to make our shows as good as possible. I think coming from an independent world and starting up as an independent promoter, we always wanted to be as good as we physically could be, and that played a huge part in how we selected a lot of the vendors who worked with us.


We have now been working together successfully and in a spirit of trust for many years. We have always met at eye level and felt properly understood as a customer. Thank you very much, we hope to work together for another 17 years and rock together. Whether here or across the pond - the main thing is that we have fun and a cool event and everyone gets something out of it: PRG, us, all employees and of course the fans.

Eurovision Song Contest

In Projects of this size, you have to rely on strong, big partners to make it happen. The solutions that PRG provides us is that they always strive to give us the most cost-efficient solutions and are always open to present alternatives too.

Brighton Pride FABULOSO

It’s been fantastic working with PRG again and I’ve had great service from the team. We’ve got a really strong relationship and they have bent over backwards to make this work for us. The level of kit is fantastic. The delivery is prompt. It’s all fantastic – they’re a really great team to work with.

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