Incubus in Tokyo - A High-energy rock experience

On May 1st in the Tokyo Garden Theater in Ariake, the famous alternative rock band Incubus held a concert. Since it has been 6 years since the last time Incubus performed in Japan, their passionate Japanese fans came and were completely energized for the entire concert.

Also joining Incubus that night, the up-and-coming Japanese girls rock band BAND-MAID fresh off their tour in the US, performed as the headliners. Their electric performance charged the crowd up so much. It was an amazing rock and roll environment.

PRG provided lighting support. AYRTON`s big profile Huracan were mainly used to light up the stage elegantly at times and wildly at other times. The roses projected by the Gobo lights were also very eye catching and memorable.

A huge thank you to all the attendees, and especially a huge thank you to all the staff that created an amazing environment for everyone to rock out and enjoy themselves. We are deeply proud and grateful to have been a part in creating such an amazing concert!