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Lights, camera and grip! Step into the world of TV and film with the ultimate technical full-service provider at your side. We understand the unique demands of the industry, and we're here to make your production shine like a Hollywood blockbuster. You gain access to our vast inventory of state-of-the-art equipment, our extensive industry knowledge, and our passion for perfection. 

Our ongoing partnership and long-standing collaboration with broadcasters, studios, producers, directors, designers, cameramen and other stakeholders not only drives innovation, but also results in customised equipment and solutions.

Our subsidiary PRG Cinegate focusses on the highest quality technical equipment for productions such as cinema, advertising, TV and fotoshoots in their studios in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne offering advice and support in selecting the right equipment - be it for big or small productions. Their fast and reliable service gives you the planning security you need for successful production.

Let PRG be your trusted partner in crafting unforgettable TV and film experiences that captivate audiences worldwide and ensure that every frame is visually stunning, every sound is crisp, and every set is safe and secure.  

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