10 years of ‘Les Magritte du Cinéma’

The annual highlight for the French-speaking Belgian film industry, the ‘Magritte du Cinéma’, has taken place in Brussels’ Square Convention Center on February 1st 2020. 
The tenth edition of this ceremony, broadcasted on national television channel La Deux, was animated by comedian Kody.

For 10 years in a row, l’Académie André Delvaux have placed their trust in PRG to foresee the technical set-up of the ceremony, as well as the descent of the steps, the photo calls and the rest of the evening. 

Light designer Jean-Jacques Marotte has worked in close collaboration with PRG to conceptualize the set, including lighting and video. 8 trucks of equipment were brought to Square, with LED screens for a total of 120m² starting from a pitch of 3mm to 15mm, our Pure10 and more than 180 light level fixtures. 

We also supervised the sound diffusion throughout the venue, apart from the live TV, with our new PRG8 speakers and Evolve 50 EV Column speakers.
PRG used this EV50 for the first time here. Thanks to its applicability in compact settings, we envision the speaker in more of our corporate productions in the near future.
PRG wants to thank Académie André Delvaux for the faithful partnership and is ready to support this beautiful ceremony for the next 10 years to come!

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