Crafted by PRG Projects, the revolutionary PURE10 stands as a groundbreaking, remarkably translucent LED touring screen. Its transparency sparks boundless creativity in concert touring, captivating even the most ambitious and extravagant endeavors.

More Information on the PURE10:

Due to its feather light carbon structure and its customized dollies for transport, PRG Projects once again reduces the green footprint drastically in terms of transport volume and weight.

  • Weight: 10kg/m²
  • 70% transparency
  • Pixel Pitch: 10mm
  • 2.500 Nits brightness
  • Large surfaces / Small transport volume
  • Thin feather light carbon structure

Innovations Applied

We are dedicated to broadening creative opportunities and alleviating challenges within the industry. PRGs unique offerings, solutions, and processes are designed in alignment with our customers' visions and goals.

PRG and the PURE10 at the Handball Champions League 2017 

Get to Know: SpinIt

The SpinIt is a rotating tourable frame originally designed to fit our PURE10 semi-transparent screen.

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