Video for music star Maître GIMS’ tour

Artist and singer Maître GIMS has been touring in France since November. For his ‘Fuego Tour’, the showman could count on a great technical and production team, to make his show truly immersive and unforgettable. PRG France delivers video for the tour, showcasing the new PURE10. 

Julien Mairesse, set designer of this show, envisaged a cage to be the eye catcher on stage. Julien Bedane, production director of Maître GIMS explains how PRG’s PURE10 had the perfect characteristics for that challenge. “We were looking for a very transparent product, that could move up or down thanks to motion hoists. We were constrained in terms of weight, since we already had a big video square on top and needed a lot of motion hoists for the lighting system. The PURE10 was the ideal solution, both in transparency and light weight, whilst including this possibility of a quick assembly with the system of frames that are developed by PRG and its packaging. We are absolutely satisfied with this product that allows us to play with the transparency on one hand, but also to use it as a full screen video surface, since the 10mm definition allows us to do so.”

At several moments in the show, the PURE10 amplifies the repertoire of the artist. Laurent Boillot, Production Director of PRG France, adds “for songs like Zombie, the projected vampires on PURE10 were a very interesting effect. The ‘wow’ effect of the video-cage that moved up and down, as completed by the great interaction of video and lighting.”

Nicolas Meyer, Technical Director Maître GIMS, noticed especially the uniqueness of the easy assembly and compaction of the tailor-made flight cases, necessary for the tour agenda of Maître GIMS.

We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate, providing the team of Maître GIMS with our video solutions. The biggest compliment we could get, comes from Julien Mairesse, Set Designer of the tour who says, "What makes a professional a great professional? It is not only his ability to respond perfectly to a request but his ability to take the project even further and higher, leveraging his thinking and imagination. Thank you PRG. "

If you have missed the show, a second wave of the tour starts in March and will also come to Brussels.


More information about the Pure10 by PRG and other PRG products can be found here.

The PURE10 is a revolutionary and unique lightweight and highly transparent LED touring screen, which was developed by PRG Projects.

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