257ers on tour with PRG special construction

The Essen-based hip-hop duo 257ers can't complain about a lack of attention at the moment. In 2018, they toured 14 cities in German-speaking countries from mid-November to mid-December. Along for the ride was PRG, who provided technical support for the entire tour, providing lighting, video and rigging as specified by the client. From small clubs to large concert halls, the design of the tour, originally planned as a full production, had to be adapted to a wide variety of stage conditions. For this purpose, PRG designed a podesterie for the stage floor, covered with video panels. "To prepare the whole thing as tour-ready as possible, the entire floor set was test-built once at our warehouse, together with the technicians and the lighting designer of the 257ers," explains Christian Junge (Project Manager Rigging PRG). 

The LED panels could thus be used on any stage with video content. "We were very, very happy with the LED in this version because we can create different dimensions," explained Dennis Dellweg (lighting designer 257ers). In addition, he placed particular emphasis on a universally applicable lamp that fulfilled all aspects of a spot, a wash and a beam light and with which different moods could be created. With the CLAY Paky Mythos 2, the solution was quickly found, and the team of 257ers was also satisfied with the support: "We are currently in contact with PRG almost daily. It all works wonderfully!", sums up Dellweg.
PRG thanks the 257ers for the excellent cooperation and is looking forward to the next tour!