GLP Highlander shines at the International Music Awards 2019

Premiere in Berlin - The International Music Awards (IMA) 2019 took place for the first time on 22 November. At the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, the nominated artists won the categories "Commitment", "Style", "Future", "Sound", "Visuals", "Beginner" and "Performance". In addition, the "Hero Award" was chosen, which in this first year went to Sting for his life's work. The jury consisted of well-known German and international artists from the music scene. There were three nominations in each category. In the public vote, Rammstein won Best Live Act against Muse and Slayer. The award ceremony was shown in a free live stream and on "MagentaTV". 13 cameras ensured a flawless broadcast of the award. 

Jerry Appelt was responsible for the production design and was able to convince with his lighting and set design:
"The basic approach was that we wanted a live club gig atmosphere, which we then translated into the livestream. ... It had the touch of a concert, but still had to come across reasonably in the livestream and be well lit for the image viewing sources."

PRG provided a full service of event technology for the IMA including LED technology, rigging, stage equipment, video technology, audio technology and the lighting technology. A total of around 900 lights were installed. A large lighting matrix served as the main design tool for the event. This matrix consisted of GLP Impression X4, GLP Impression X4 L as well as the GLP Highlander. The GLP Highlander is a wash light with a powerful 1,400 watt light source and a large 230 mm front lens. It also has a motorised 7:1 zoom / focus combination. The highlight of the GLP Highlander: the iris slider module, where each iris slider can be individually closed from 0 to 100% and pushed in at an angle of +/- 30° over the beam. The CMY colour mixing system offers a full colour palette. An additional non-linear colour temperature filter offers the additional option of changing the base light colour from 6 000 to 2 500 Kelvin. Furthermore, the lamp allows soft dimming and has a separate shutter with effects. The GLP Highlander is therefore powerful and a versatile moving light.

The audio technology was also impressive - in close consultation with the technical planning team from BEACON - Bureau für technische Konzeption, the PRG crew decided on a powerful Meyer Sound System. This system was ideal because it provided both the appropriate sound for the live performances of the music acts and ensured good speech intelligibility at the awards ceremony. For the main arrays, audio expert Kai Reiss and his team chose the Meyer Sound Lyon-M and Lyon-W loudspeaker systems. As delay speakers, the Meyer Sound Leopard was convincing. In addition, Meyer Sound MINA were installed and were equally convincing in terms of sound.

Of course, for client Henning Kruse of RedSeven Entertainment, a flawless sound system was also of great importance at the premiere:
"Sound reinforcement is of course quite important because it's a music show - Even more so a new brand that we want to build here with our client - It has to pop of course."

And it did! Besides Iggy Azalea, Udo Lindenberg, Max Herre & Joy Denalane, Peaches and Anna Calvi also performed at the IMA 2019 and made the hall shake!