Latin Grammy 2023 in Sevilla

PRG took charge of video, lighting and rigging at the groundbreaking Latin Grammy 2023, marking its inaugural edition in Spain
Sevilla hosted the 24th Latin Grammy Awards on November 16th, with a full house honoring the outstanding achievements in Latin-language music.
Covering a vast expanse of 625 square meters with LED screens, nearly 1000 light fixtures, and 5.3 km of fibers, PRG Spain delivered an awe-inspiring spectacle.
The Spanish crew poured immense passion and dedication into flawlessly executing this three-hour live show, hosting renowned artists such as Rosalia, Shakira, Andrea Bocelli, Rauw Alejandro, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes...
Massive appreciation to our PRG Team for their role in this historic event, rekindling Hispanic music's roots and illuminating the city with Latin cultural vibrance.
We would like to thank Sold Out, RTVE, and Univision for coming together as an exceptional team, and we eagerly anticipate embracing new challenges together !