PRG Delivers Video and Lighting for Coachella’s Main Stage

Another Coachella on the books! It felt so good to be back on the polo fields, kicking off festival season. This year, PRG provided all lighting and video for the Main Stage, in addition to supplemental gear for artists including Harry Styles, Flume, Doja Cat, Swedish House Mafia, Lil Baby, Billie Eilish, IDLES, Stromae, Fred Again and Daniel Caesar.

For the massive main stage, 1,180 active tiles of Roe Carbon CB8, encased in our proprietary SpaceFrame® were controlled from a mobile video truck, souped up with Disguise vx2, gx2c and vx4 media servers, 2x MA2 Lite consoles for server control and programming, and three Christie x80 Spyders for primary and backup show control and truck video wall control. For signal routing, Extron XTP II multi format routers and Reidel MediorNets were employed.

The Main Stage lighting order was comprised of more than 250 lighting fixtures including PRG's Best Boy Spot HPs and GroundControl Followspots.

See below for the complete gear and crew lists.

Video Equipment

• 1,180 active tiles of Roe Carbon CB8

• 4x Brompton Tessera SX40

Media Servers

• Disguise

• 1x vx2

• 2x gx2c

• 3x vx4

• 2x MA2 Lite consoles for server control and programming

Screens Control

• 3x christie x80 Spyders (Primary & Backup show control, 1x for truck video wall control)

Signal Routing

• Extron XTP II multi format routers: 1x 64x, 1x 32x, 2x 16x

• Reidel MediorNet: 1x Metron, 3x Micron, 4x Compact Pro

Lighting Equipment

• 70x – PRG Best Boy Spot HP

• 62x – Clay Paky Mythos2

• 28x – Vari-Lite VL6000

• 48x – GLP JDC1

• 26x – TMB Solaris Flare

• 51x – Chauvet Strike 4

• 4x – PRG GroundControl Followspots – Longthrow

• 5x – PRG GroundControl Followspots – Best Boy Spot HP


• 18x – DF-50 with DMX Fans

• 4x – Jem ZR-44


• 2x - GrandMA2 Full Console

• 12x – GrandMA2 NPUs

• 20x – PRG Virtuoso Super Node


• 18x – 8' PRG BAT Truss

• 8x – 10' PRG BAT Truss


Stromae at Coachella.


Harry Styles at Coachella.


Billie Eilish at Coachella.


IDLES at Coachella.

PRG Production Management

• VP of Global Accounts: Bobby Allen

• Coachella Project Manager: Bryan Barry

• Production Coordinator: Felicia Burr

• Production Coordinator: Brooke Hershey

• Stagecoach Project Manager: Scotty Waller

• Project Manager Video: Jeff Gainer

• Project Manager Lighting: Daniel Sanchez

• Sales Coordinator: Chelsey Jensen

• PRG Runner: Jen Jendrzejczyk

PRG Mainstage Video

• Screens Producer: Tim Nauss

• Lead Screen Engineer: Anthony Wilson

• Screen Engineer: Josh Fleitell

• D3 Programmer: Ben Roy

• Spyder Op: Sean Green

• Trailer Tech: Jose Pacheco

• Video Crew Chief: Maarten Deschacht

• Video Crew Chief: Robert Seagert

• LED Lead: Humberto Murillo

• LED Tech 2: James Forbes

• LED Tech 3: Casey Bowen

• LED Tech 4: Larry Linda

• LED Tech 5: Cole Peterson

• LED Tech 6: Brandon Buendia

• Chief LED Engineer: Eric Geiger

PRG Mainstage Lighting

• Crew Chief: Thomas Walls

• Nightime FOH Tech: Patrick Seig

• Daytime FOH Tech: Giovanny Carvajal

• Daytime Dimmer: Chuck Meyers

• Lighting Tech: Randy Thomas Foote

• Lighting Tech: Andie Szekely

• Lighting Tech: Robbie Winfree

• Nightime Dimmers: Ryan Le Comte

• Lighting Tech: Max Misemer

• Ground Control Tech: Rob Simoneaux

PRG Mainstage Rigging

• Rigging Lead: George Wilson

• Mainstage Rigger: James Costa

• Mainstage Rigger: Paul "PJ" Armellino


PRG crew and video truck.


PRG crew and video truck.


PRG crew at Coachella.


PRG video crew: Jeff Gainer, Ben Roy, Tim Nauss, Casey Bowen, Josh Fleitell, Shawn Green, Anthony Wilson and James Forbes