Ehrlich Brothers "Magic Worlds" - Event technology for the show of the magicians

The Ehrlich Brothers' illusion shows have been enjoying enormous popularity for years, and are usually staged in large arenas and stadiums. For example, the recording of the major RTL production "Zauberwelten" 2018 also took place in the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, which holds more than 6,000 spectators.
This combination of tour and TV production also presented the greatest challenge, as Matthias Lusche (PRG project manager) explains. PRG supplied the rigging, lighting and video technology. Among other things, loads weighing 98 tons had to be hoisted under the roof.
Tobias Hann (head lighting technician/project manager Mo2 Design) describes the "unbelievable parameter count" with around 800 X4 bars, divided over several MA sessions, as the biggest lighting challenge. To address it, GLP's Impression X4 Bars fixtures were connected to the video network, with each lamp having one video session. "In turn, our lighting operator has access to the video desk, so we're able to transport the world that's on stage into the auditorium."

The project also turned out to be anything but ordinary for the lighting design: "A magic show is special from a lighting designer's point of view because you have to play more with feelings than with effects," explains Manfred Olma (lighting designer Mo2 Design). To convey the illusions, they have to be supported with light. Effects should not distract from the actual illusions. The result was impressive and the audience was thrilled -Olma sums up: "Working with PRG on this production is extremely pleasant for me - as it has been for the last few years." PRG felt the same way and thanks the Ehrlich Brothers, Mo2 Design and RTL for truly magical moments. The television production aired on Nov. 30, 2018.

Listing of the installed technology


  • 5 x PRG Ground Control
  • 80 x PRG Best Boy Wash
  • 25 x Vari Lite VL 3500Q Spot
  • 90 x Clay Paky Sharpy
  • 85 x ICON Beam
  •  62 x GLP GT-1
  •  15 x Robe BMFL Blade
  •  30 x GLP X4 Atom
  •  100 x Tour LED CM 42
  •  60 x GLP X4 Bar 10
  •  Approx. 800 x GLP X4 Bar 20
  • 40 x GLP X4
  •  34 x GLP X4 L
  •  Grand MA 3D PreProgramming System
  • 6 x GrandMA2 Fullsize / 1x GrandMA Light
  • 6 x MA VPU
  • 38 x active MA NPU
  • 21 x MA 8portNode
  •  50 x RDM capable DMX splitters
  • 1943 x fixtures in two sessions equaled 150,448 parameters

Media technology:

  • 9 x projectors Barco HDF-W30 Flex
  • 400 x Barco MiStrip
  • ROE Black Marble 7 LED floor


  • 160 motors
  • 1.450 running meters truss
  • 10 truss circles
    Total tonnage: approx. 150t
    Transport: approx. 20 trailers

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