Ivas Group

International Visual Audio Solutions (IVAS) has evolved from a family owned AV installation company that stems from the beginning of nineties. In the year 2000, beside the sales of the AV equipment, there was more evident request for the rental segment and therefore in 2001 company IVAS was founded.

The company shortly gained a big market share in the region and by constant investments in equipment and staff it has established itself among the top companies on the market.

Ivas Group supplies turn-key solutions for TV studio productions, corporate events, sports, fashion shows, music festivals and concert touring. The company saves clients' time, money and energy by channeling the communication for all the technical segments to just one company. When in need of tribunes, hoists, rigging and trussing structures, professional lighting, LED screens, deco lighting, audio equipment and power distribution, clients can count on Ivas Group staff to fulfil all their needs.


  • Technical Production
  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Rigging
  • Tribunes

Ivas Group

Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 46 333 53
E-Mail: lovro.ivas@ivas.hr
Web: www.ivas.hr

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